Jeanne Dodd Murphy, Ph.D.

Part-Time Instructor
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Part-Time Research Faculty


  • B.A., Baylor University
  • M.S., Vanderbilt University
  • Ph.D., Vanderbilt University


After graduating from Baylor with an undergraduate degree, Dr. Dodd Murphy headed to Nashville for graduate school, earning both her Master's degree in Audiology and Ph.D. in Hearing and Speech Sciences at Vanderbilt University. During her time at Vanderbilt, Dr. Dodd Murphy served as a Clinical Audiologist at the Bill Wilkerson Center and held an Adjunct Faculty position in the Division of Hearing and Speech Sciences. In 1995, she became a faculty member at Appalachian State University in Boone, North Carolina, where she taught audiology-related courses, supervised graduate students in clinical practicum on campus and in nearby schools, and coordinated the undergraduate advisement for the Communication Disorders program.

Dr. Dodd Murphy left Appalachian State and joined the Baylor CSD faculty in 2008. She has enjoyed being a part of the Baylor community in Waco, gradually adjusting to teaching in the same classroom where she sat as an undergraduate. She is grateful to the students, colleagues, and clients from whom she learns invaluable lessons. As a clinician, Dr. Dodd Murphy has served individuals with hearing health needs in all age groups across a variety of settings. Her primary research interests relate to educational audiology-- addressing the effectiveness of school hearing screening programs, the effect of minimal and mild hearing loss on the development of school-age children, and speech perception under adverse classroom listening conditions.

Dr. Dodd Murphy's teaching and research regularly benefit from the wisdom of her spouse, Walt Murphy, and her daughter, Isabelle. Walt is an Assistant Professor of Psychology at Texas A & M University-Central Texas in Killeen, specializing in cognitive and developmental areas of experimental psychology. Isabelle attends middle school and loves reading for fun. Dr. Dodd Murphy and Dr. Walt Murphy are collaborators on several research projects.