M. Renee Umstattd Meyer, Ph.D. MCHES

Associate Professor
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Associate Professor

MPH Graduate Project Coordinator

Research Area

Dr. Umstattd Meyer’s research interests lie in promoting health through increasing physical activity and reducing sedentary behaviors. She is interested in the application, measurement, and evaluation of how theoretical constructs promote, explain, and predict physical activity and sedentary behaviors; the translation of these applications and relationships into community-based settings; and subsequently, how physical activity and sedentary behaviors impact chronic disease, functionality, and quality of life across the lifespan and specifically within underserved communities. Dr. Umstattd Meyer is particularly interested in better understanding the roles of environmental and policy support for physical activity and sedentary behaviors, measurement of this support, and implications for behavior change.

Current Courses Taught

  • HED 5315, Theoretical Foundations of Health Behavior & Public Health (MPH)
  • HED 5360, Evaluation in Health Education (MPH)
  • HED 5V90, MPH Graduate Project/Internship (MPH)
  • HED 4333, Program Evaluation in Health Education (BSE, Community Health)
  • HED 3320, Stress Management

Select Publications

* Umstattd Meyer M. R., Walsh S. M., Sharkey J. R., Morgan G. B., & Nalty C. C. (2014). Physical and social environmental characteristics of physical activity for Mexican-origin children: Examining differences between school year and summer perceptions. BioMed Central Public Health, 14: 958. doi: 10.1186/1471-2458-14-958

Umstattd Meyer M. R., Janke M. C., & Beaujean A. A. (2014). Predictors of older adults’ personal and community mobility: Using a comprehensive theoretical mobility framework. The Gerontologist, 54: 398-408. doi: 10.1093/geront/gnt054

Umstattd Meyer M. R. (2013). Combatting the obesity epidemic in rural America: A few considerations. Journal of Public Health Management & Practice, 19(6): 501-502. doi: 10.1097/PHH.0b013e3182a7c813

*Umstattd Meyer M. R., Sharkey J. R., Patterson M. S., & Dean W. R. (2013). Understanding contextual barriers, supports, and opportunities for physical activity among Mexican-origin children in Texas border colonias: A descriptive study. BioMed Central Public Health, 13: 14. doi:10.1186/1471-2458-13-14

*Umstattd M. R., Baller S. L., Hennessy E., Hartley D., Economos C. D., Hyatt R. R., Yousefian A., & Hallam J. S. (2012). Development of the Rural Active-Living Perceived Environmental Support Scale (RALPESS). Journal of Physical Activity and Health, 9(5): 724-730.

Contact Information

Baylor University
College of Health & Human Sciences, HHPR
One Bear Place #97313
Waco, TX 76798-7313

Office: Rena Marrs McLean Gym 213
Phone: 254- 710 - 4029
Fax: 254 - 710 - 3527