Jay Yoo, Ph.D.

Jay Yoo, Ph.D.
Associate Professor in Apparel Merchandising
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Associate Professor in Apparel Merchandising 



  • Ph.D. University of Minnesota
  • M.S. Cornell University
  • A.A.S. Fashion Institute of Technology
  • B.S. Seattle Pacific University



  • International Textiles and Apparel Association
  • American Association of Family and Consumer Sciences

Teaching Interests:

My courses are designed to provoke students' interest and appeal to students from a variety of backgrounds. Although fashion is often understood to center on apparel choices, fashion impacts nearly every aspect of human lives. This prospect provided the opportunity to incorporate variety topics of inquiry in class. These topics include: Fashion and health, social responsibility and environmental issues involving consumptive behaviors. Students are exposed to up-to-date findings that are critical and timely in the field.


My research revolves around the appearance-related behaviors and its implication to the individual and social well-being from consumer perspectives. I conduct research in a number of areas including, body-tanning behaviors and how one's clothing, along with personality, weight, and ethnic differences impact on experience with appearance-related teasing and bullying, adolescents' risk perception of using appearance related products and body alterations. Serious quality-of-life concerns occur when satisfaction of appearance is compounded by behaviors that may have long-term consequences.

Recent Articles:

  • Yoo, J., & Kim, H. (in press). Perceived negative health effect of tanning (PNHET): The interface between tanning attitudes and behaviors. Clothing and Textiles Research Journal
  • Hur, W., Yoo, J., & Hur, J. (in press). Exploring the relationship between green consumption value, satisfaction, and loyalty of hybrid car in elderly consumers. Human Factors and Ergonomics in Manufacturing & Service Industries
  • Yoo, J., Divita, L. R., & Kim, H. Y. (2013). Environmental awareness on bamboo product purchase intention: do consumption values impact green consumption? International Journal of Fashion Design, Technology and Education, 6(1), 27-34.
  • Yoo, J., & Lee, J. (2013). Exploring peer influence on adolescent boys' grooming product use and risk-perception. Journal of ARAHE, 20(2), 76-83.
  • Yoo, J. (2013). Sunless tanning product adoption: The influence of appearance schema. Household and Personal Care Today, 8(2), 26-28.
  • Yoo, J., & Kim, H. (2012). Perceived risk of sunless tanning product use and its relationship to body satisfaction. International Journal of Marketing Studies, 4(4), 13-21.
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