Joyce Nuner, Ph.D.

Joyce Nuner, Ph.D.
Associate Professor in Child and Family Studies
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Associate Professor in Child and Family Studies 



  • Ph.D. Texas Woman's University

  • M.S. Stephen F. Austin State University

  • B.S. Stephen F. Austin State University

Areas of Teaching Interest:

  • Child Development
  • Early Care and Education
  • Children and Families with Special Needs



NAEYC, Zero to Three, ACEI, & PLIDA 


  • Family centered early education and care

  • Children and families with special needs

  • Cross-cultural practices in early childhood

  • Phenomenology of motherhood

Selected Publications:

Nuner, J.E., & Love, T. (in press). Ministry: Meeting the needs of families with a child with autism. Journal of Family and Community Ministries.

Hatcher, B., Nuner, J.E., & Pausel, J.(2012). Kindergarten readiness and preschool: Teacher and parent perceptions of readiness across states. Early Childhood Research and Practice.

Gill, P., & Nuner, J. (2012). Evaluating change: Building rural teacher capacity through international partnerships. School Leadership Review, 7 (1), 58-70.

Hickey, W., Achtem, J., Nuner, J.E., (2012). International partnerships: A model for educational organizations. School Leadership Review, (7)1, 47-57.

Hickey, W., Gill, P., Nuner, J.E., Ljungdahl, R. (2011). Educational computer use in the schools of Southern Belize. National Social Science Technology Journal.

Nuner, J.E., & Griffith, A.S. (2011). Autism in early care and education: Early signs, supporting parents, and navigating the system. Dimensions of Early Childhood. 39 (1), 12-20.

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Nuner, J.E., & Eitel, S.J. (2009). Compromising quality for cost: The childcare dilemma. TAFCS Research Journal, 1 (1), 33-34.

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Nuner, J.E. (2007). Foster creativity that lasts a lifetime. Texas Child Care Quarterly, 31(2), 16-21

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