Lewis Lummer, Ed.D.

Lewis Lummer, Ed.D.
Senior Lecturer of Deaf Education and American Sign Language
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Senior Lecturer of Deaf Education and American Sign Language

Dr. Lummer is a certified Deaf Educator and is an integral member of the team that oversees the Deaf Education undergraduate program, where he teaches courses in Deaf Education and American Sign Language (ASL). Dr. Lummer also mentors the Deaf Education majors during their student practicum and meets weekly with the students during their internship.

Dr. Lummer joined the Baylor faculty in 2010. Prior to coming to Baylor, he spent seven years as a classroom teacher in Deaf education at multiple K-12 settings as well as eleven years on faculty at the university level. Dr. Lummer’s wealth of knowledge and experience as an educator in both K-12 and university settings makes him a rare and valuable resource for students, and he is happy to share his knowledge and experience to help develop the next generation of leaders in ASL and Deaf Education.


  • A.A.S. (Civil Technology), Rochester Institute of Technology
  • B.A. (Communication Arts with International focus), Gallaudet University
  • M.S.Ed. (Deaf Education and Deaf Studies), Lamar University
  • Post-Secondary Education Training Certificate (Post-Employment Training-Deaf), San Diego State University
  • Ed.D. (Reading Specialization, Curriculum and Instruction), Northern Illinois University

Areas of Interest

History of Deaf Education, Deaf immigrants, Signed Languages, ASL literacy, and history of the Deaf Community.

Personal Life

Dr. Lummer is proud to be a native of Chicago where he was raised by Deaf parents; his mother immigrated to America from Germany during World War II. Dr. Lummer and his beautiful wife of 19 years, Dr. Cynthia J. Plue, have two adorable children. Outside of the office, he enjoys biking, hiking, snow skiing, and going on adventures with his family.

Teaching Responsibilities

  • CSD 1405 American Sign Language I
  • CSD 1406 American Sign Language II
  • CSD 2301 2301 American Sign Language III
  • CSD 2302 American Sign Language IV
  • CSD 4360 Language and Reading Instruction for the Deaf I
  • CSD 4361 Language and Reading Instruction for the Deaf II
  • CSD 4660 Internship I EC-12 Part 1
  • CSD 4661 Internship I EC-12 Part 2
  • CSD 4662 Internship II EC-12 Part 1
  • CSD 4663 Internship II EC-12 Part 2