Franklin Hamlin Littell

Professor Franklin Littell is rightfully known as the Father of Holocaust education in America. He was the first American scholar to offer courses on the Holocaust and genocide and since 1998 has held the position of Distinguished Professor of Holocaust and Genocide Studies at Richard Stockton College.

A graduate of Cornell College (Iowa), Dr. Littell also holds graduate degrees from Union Theological Seminary and Yale University (Ph.D.) and well as several honorary degrees. He was a Professor of Church History at Emory University, Perkins School of Theology at Southern Methodist University, and Chicago Theological Seminary before becoming Professor of World Religions at Temple University in 1969. Since retiring from Temple in 1986, Dr. Littell has continued to deliver lectures and serve as the featured speaker at numerous universities and scores of national and international symposiums in several countries.

Author of twenty-four books and more than 700 articles in scholarly journals, his prize-winning work, The Anabaptist View of the Church, heralded a breakthrough in the historiography of Anabaptism. It ushered in an era of new interest in the Anabaptists and generated dozens of major monographs on various facets of the continental Anabaptist movement.