1. May more than one nomination be submitted by an institution?
Yes, nominations are considered to be made by an individual rather than an institution; therefore, more than one person may be nominated from the same school. An individual nominator for each nominee is preferred.

2. Is a teacher from any discipline eligible to be considered for the award?
Nominations should correspond with academic units engaged in undergraduate teaching at Baylor.

3. Should I enter both the name and e-mail address of each person listed as a reference?
No, enter the e-mail address only.

4. Do all supporting documents need to be submitted by the November 1st deadline?
Yes, the nomination form as well as all supporting documents (including letters of recommendation) should be submitted online by the November 1st deadline.

5. Should the nominator submit both the summary statement and a reference letter?
No, the nominator should write and submit only the summary statement. The reference letters should come from others.

6. What format should be used for the reference letters?
The uploaded reference letters should be submitted as Word or pdf documents. Each letter should include the date, name, and title and be a maximum of two pages in length.

7. Does the electronically submitted reference letter need to be signed and on letterhead?
Signatures are not being required. Letterhead is optional but date, name, position/school (if applicable) and address should be included.

8. Will the nominator/nominee be notified when the nomination file is complete?
No, but the link enclosed in the automatically generated e-mail received by the nominator may be used to check on supporting documents; this is the same link used to upload the documents. If there are any questions regarding the nominee's file, the nominator will be contacted.

9. How can I determine if reference letters and other nomination materials have been received?
The link enclosed in the automatically generated e-mail received by the nominator may be used to see how many reference letters (although not by name) and/or nomination documents have been received as well as whether documents submitted have been accepted.

10. When will notification of the decision by the committee be received?
Nominators and nominees will receive notification when the finalists are named in the spring of 2019.

11. Will travel expenses be provided for the finalists?
Yes, travel expenses as well as accommodations and meals while at Baylor will be provided.

12. When will the nomination process open for the 2020 Cherry Award?
Nomination forms will be available online from May 1, 2018 through November 1, 2018.

13. May a nominee be renominated for a future award?
Yes, each pool of nominees is different so renomination is encouraged.