Qualifying for Travel Fellowship

  1. You must also apply for $400 travel award from the Grad School
  2. You have to be presenting something (i.e. poster or talk) at a conference
  3. You must provide some proof of the presentation. (i.e. abstract book or link)
  4. Fellowships cannot be combined (i.e. $1000 per trip only)
  5. This is not intended for courses, training, or collaborations
  6. Any amount in excess of the graduate school and departmental award must be reimbursed from a PI account
  7. You must follow the directions in the below Travel Award Checklist for approval, travel arrangements, and reimbursements

CBC Graduate Student Travel Fellowship/Reimbursement process



  • Maintain ALL receipts
  • Daily food per diem is $50
    • Breakfast: $13
    • Lunch: $14
    • Dinner: $23
  • Utilize cost-effective transfers to/from the airport (i.e. conference arranged buses/shuttles)

Post Travel (within a week of return)

  • If you traveled and did not present, please contact the Grad program coordinator and/or Chris Davis to help walk you through the Ignite reimbursement.
  • Scan ALL receipts
  • Total the amount spent minus the Grad School award
  • Email Grad Coordinator ( the above information plus proof of presentation. 
    • If your total amount is above the combined graduate school and departmental awards ask your PI which grant to charge the remaining amount to.
      • Please email Chris Davis ( and Emily Jessup to set up a time to assist you through the Ignite reimbursement.
  • The reimbursement will be directly deposited into your bank account.

**If you are traveling in May, please submit all information ASAP.
**If you require reimbursements prior to traveling, please work with Emily directly.