3000 LEVEL

3238 Organic Chemistry Laboratory
Pre-requisite(s): CHE 1102, 3331, and credit or concurrent registration in CHE 3332.
A laboratory course in organic chemistry including synthesis, purification, and analysis of organic compounds using a variety of techniques. Fee: $98

3331 Organic Chemistry I
Pre-requisite(s): CHE 1302 with a grade of C or better.
Chemistry of organic compounds which primarily contain the less polar functional groups. Topics include reaction mechanisms, stereochemistry and organic spectroscopy.

3332 Organic Chemistry II
Pre-requisite(s): CHE 3331 with grade of C or better or consent of instructor.
A continuation of CHE 3331 involving the chemistry of the more polar functional groups, including carbohydrates and amino acids. A nationally standardized comprehensive final examination covering both CHE 3331 and 3332 will be given.

3341 Biochemistry of Nutrition
Pre-requisite(s): CHE 1302, CHE 1341, and BIO 1305, all with grades of C or better.
The chemistry of dietary components, digestion, and biosynthesis, with emphasis on molecular structures, chemical properties, and metabolic relationships relevant to health. (This course does not count as an advanced course for chemistry majors.)

3361 Forensic Analytical Chemistry
Pre-requisite(s): CHE 3332 and credit or concurrent enrollment in CHE 3238.
Introduction to the theory and techniques of analytical chemistry as applied to forensic science.

3V9R Research (variable for 0 to 3 sem. hrs.)
Pre-requisite(s): Consent of instructor.
Undergraduate research undertaken under the supervision of a faculty member. May be taken for a maximum of 6 hours.