Research Opportunities

The Chemistry and Biochemistry Department at Baylor University has historically hosted undergraduate students for different research opportunities in a number of areas applicable to their degree program. Students are able to receive course credit for their research and others may also complete a thesis presentation of their work. Some students have even become eligible for the Certificate of Excellence in Undergraduate Research at the end of their undergraduate research career.

Be sure to join the Chemistry Canvas page for more information and updates about departmental research.

How can I get Involved?

Please check our Research Areas for ongoing, departmental research opportunities. Students are also encouraged to check out information for Getting Started in Research prior to joining a research lab within the department.

Competitive research may also be eligible for funding by URSA Small Grants.

Summer Research Opportunities

Chemistry Undergraduate Summer Program (CUSP)

CUSP is a collaboration between Baylor University's Department of Chemistry & Biochemistry and local businesses. This highly competitive internship offers students a survey of the chemical and biochemical industry. It is normally conducted over ten weeks and is paid in the form of a stipend.

Baylor Transdisciplinary Research Undergraduate Experience (BTRUE)

BTRUE is a summer fellows program that sponsors 10 undergraduate fellows to conduct summer research in one of six academic programs (Biology, Physics, Chemistry/Biochemistry, Environmental Science, Geosciences, Anthropology, and Psychology/Neuroscience).

Prehealth Research Internship Programs
Biomedical research is one of the most effective methods for students to participate first-hand in the medical profession; it provides an experience that will allow them to realize what talents and knowledge need to be developed for future professional competency.
External Research Opportunities

The Chemistry and Biochemistry Department also assists students, particularly those from out of state, on finding research opportunities outside of Baylor by way of internships or REU experiences.


If you have other specific research interests, we invite you to contact Steven Dutschmann to propose a summer undergraduate research program.