Dr. Richard Sevcik

Dr. Richard Sevcik
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Assistant Professor


Analytical Chemistry – Baylor University - 2012

Chemistry – Minor in industrial Engineering technology - 2006

Computer Networking and Information Technology - 2000   


Validation Consultant - July 2017-Jan. 2020
Curium, St. Louis, Mo
BioMerieux Inc, St Louis, Mo
Merek Animal Health, Worthington, Mn
Illumina Inc., Madison, Wi
Allergan Inc., Waco, Tx

As a validation consultant, I typically traveled to various Pharmaceutical and Medical Device company sites. I created and performed tests required by the FDA that document that the manufacturing systems used to create pharmaceuticals or medical devices met the manufacturing criteria required by law. I have worked on a wide range of project ranging eye care to DNA sequencing to cancer detection.


High School Science Teacher -  Aug 2013 – Jan 2017

Quality Control Chemist - Allergan Inc Jan 2012-Aug 2013

Campus Network Specialist -  Aug 2000 -Jun 2003

Retail Store Business Owner - Oct 1995 – Mar 1999

Chaparral System Mechanic, U.S. Army - Nov 1990 – Aug 1993



As an Analytical Chemist I am interested in identifying and quantifying compounds. While there are many advanced instruments which improve our understanding of compound structure and quantity it is still difficult to identify which compounds critically impact the system begin researched. To fill this need I like explore new tools to help identify critical compounds, one that I believe shows promise is the of A.I. for data mining. It is my hope to develop a tool in which chemists and researchers can use to determine the compound(s) or class of compounds which most impact their system of study.