Dr. Kevin L. Shuford

Dr. Kevin L. Shuford
Associate Chair
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Professor and Associate Chair


University of Florida - 2003

University of North Carolina at Wilmington - 1998

Postdoctoral Associate
Northwestern University - 2003-2006


Research Staff
Oak Ridge National Laboratory - 2006-2009

Assistant Professor of Chemistry
Drexel University - 2009-2012

Assistant Professor of Chemistry
Baylor University - 2012-2016

Associate Professor of Chemistry
Baylor University - 2016-2020

Professor of Chemistry
Baylor University - 2020-present

Physical and Theoretical Chemistry

We are a computational research group that specializes in theory, modeling, and simulation of interdisciplinary problems spanning chemistry, physics, materials science, and engineering. A variety of methods are employed to calculate atomic, molecular, and optical properties of gas and condensed phase systems, with an emphasis on structure, dynamics, and fundamental studies of light/matter interactions. Established research areas include ultrafast quantum dynamics of atoms, molecules, and semiconductors, nano-optics, and plasmonics. Most recently, the focus within the group has been on renewable energy generation and storage. Specifically, we are interested in exploring new materials and unique designs to enhance light capture and conversion efficiency in solar applications as well as boosting energy and power densities in electrical energy storage devices. Please browse our group website to learn about group members and current research projects.