Heemal Dhanjee, Ph.D.

Ph.D. 2017 with Prof. John Wood

Currently a Postdoctoral Researcher, Buchwald Group, Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT)

My time at Baylor University

“My time at Baylor during my Ph.D. studies gave me insight into expanding a research program. Baylor's burgeoning Chemistry Department had grown tremendously during my time as a graduate student, and I got to take away a lot of wisdom as to what it takes to build infrastructure and develop a department. After having experienced research at a variety of institutions during my time as a student, I would say the research facilities at Baylor are second to none.

I had just about every instrument I could think of and … these instruments were available 24/7, nearly without wait. I could say the same about the faculty, who were also available seemingly 24/7 and always willing to lend support and advice….We also got together frequently in the Organic Division to go over recent literature and do problem sets to keep each other on top of things.

Perhaps one of the biggest perks during graduate school for me was the interaction with guest speakers. We would frequently get well-established chemists visiting our department and at one point, on nearly a weekly basis, I had the opportunity to not only present my research, but also get feedback and have lunch with them. This was an invaluable experience that sharpened my communication and presentation skills.“