The department of Chemistry and Biochemistry at Baylor University offers a variety of degree options and programs to suit the needs of students with a wide range of career goals. Fully accredited by the American Chemical Society, the department offers the certified bachelor's degree in chemistry as well as several others.

All undergraduate courses are taught by a teaching staff of approximately 30 dedicated chemical professionals with Ph.D. degrees from major universities across the country. State of the art facilities give students the opportunity to conduct experiments and make measurements with the latest in modern chemical instrumentation.

With an abundance of mentoring and research opportunities, the department's curriculum results in a personalized experience in a supportive learning environment.

Chemistry Degrees Offered

Certified B.S. Degree. Baylor is one of the select chemistry programs nationwide that offers a B.S. degree certified by the American Chemical Society. This degree plan is attractive to students who are interested in an exciting and worthwhile career in chemistry or medicine or who plan to pursue graduate study in chemistry leading to the M.S. or Ph.D. degrees. (Why obtain a Bachelor's degree certified to the ACS?)

B.S. Degree. This program satisfies all the science requirements for a B.S. degree from Baylor University, but it does not include some of the advanced courses required by the American Chemical Society for a certified degree. This degree plan is attractive to students who plan to enter medical school after graduation or who plan business related careers in patent law, government, chemical industry and environmental science.

B.S. Degree with a concentration in Biochemistry. This program, certified by the American Chemical Society, has become a popular option since its inception at Baylor. It is highly attractive to undergraduates who plan careers in medicine, medical research, pharmacy, pharmacology, veterinary science, forensic science, environmental science and other related fields.

B.A. Degree. This program fulfills the degree requirements for a bachelor of arts degree from Baylor University. While the program meets the minimum requirements for pre-medical students, it also is attractive to students who plan careers that require a technical background with less intensive concentration in chemistry, such as technical writing or information science.


Biochemistry Degrees Offered

B.S. Degree. This program is appropriate for students who are planning to attend graduate school in biochemistry or a related area, are interested in the health-related professions (pre-medicine, pre-dentistry, pre-pharmacy or pre-veterinary science), or who plan careers in medical research or in industrial fields related to biotechnology.

Undergraduate research in chemistry is strongly encouraged.
Safety glasses must be worn in all laboratories. 

B.A. Degree. This program is designed for students who plan to attend professional school in the health-related areas such as medicine and dentistry.