Graduate Programs

The Department of Chemistry & Biochemistry at Baylor University offers a unique combination of individual attention and excellent resources. Our faculty are engaged in cutting-edge research covering all of the major areas of chemistry (analytical, inorganic, physical, organic and biochemistry), yet our favorable student-to-faculty ratio makes interaction on a daily basis common. Our program is medium-sized, with ~ 50 graduate students and a dozen (and growing) research-active faculty. Yet our instrumentation and facilities are world-class. We enjoy a near-new sciences building (opened in 2004), fantastically well-designed by all accounts. We have a wonderful level of instrumentation; major recently-acquired instruments include NMR, X-ray and mass spectrometers. And we have nearly all of the lesser instruments, like GC-MS, UV-vis, IR, polarimetry, etc. Our department also provides software tools such as Scifinder, ChemBioOffice2010 and mNova, and a convenient online NMR reservation system (NMReserve).

Whether your preference is for a program with more personal attention, or for advanced instrumentation that you can easily get time on, or to work in a really pleasant environment, or to be part of a department where people get along really well together and value you as an individual, we have a lot to offer. Check out the testimonials on our Graduate School website. Look into the research we are doing. If you would like to explore how you could be part of our program, just let us know!

Dr. Michael Trakselis
Director of Graduate Affairs
Department of Chemistry & Biochemistry

Dr. Kevin Shuford
Director of Graduate Recruitment
Department of Chemistry & Biochemistry