Dr. Eugene W. Baker

Baylor University Historian (1981-1995)

"Every administration carves a unique facet in the life of a university and thereby adds to that educational institution's overall personality. Although the persona of an institution of higher education is difficult to quantify, since words that define also tend to limit, the authors of the various chapters of this special publication have provided myriad reflections they perceive to be pertinent to the ongoing development of the Baptist and Christian character of Baylor University, particularly in light of the challenging pilgrimage that Baylor is facing today."

"Of particular note are the introductory remarks by Dr. Donald Schmeltekopf. It is evident that he has engaged in extensive research in order to capture the light of Baylor's Christian distinctives. His chapter, "A Christian University in the Baptist Tradition: History of a Vision," is a must read for anyone interested in an historical examination of the university's religious and church-related purposes-both from a formal standpoint and from the informal practices in which the institution has been engaged since its founding during the last days of the Republic of Texas in 1845."