Leah Witcher Jackson

Associate Dean and Professor of Baylor Law School

"Baylor as a Christian community aspiring to academic excellence - who could oppose such a noble undertaking? No one. What steps must we take? What shifts in policies and procedures must we embrace to claim our greatness and to be recognized for such? These are the burning questions addressed before a faculty that is devoted to the idea of an academically exemplary, Christian university and yet has been deeply divided by the evolving interpretation of its mission and the courses of action necessary to achieve the ideal. As with any transformational decision, serious debate must ensue to insure well-reasoned, honorable results. Presenting parameters for charting our eventuality, offering sustenance to simulate our intellectual wonderment, and raising additional issues for our vigilant consideration, the essays presented in this volume began a open dialogue and a debate that will, that must, continue. Thank you Dr. Schmeltekopf and presenters for your meaningful contributions to this critical discussion. Only through a common understanding of, and a genuine enthusiastic belief in, our mission by all entrusted with its implementation can Baylor, or any grand endeavor, succeed in claiming greatness."