Randall O'Brien

Professor and Chair

Baylor University Dept. of Religion

"Reading through the collection of essays contained within The Baptist & Christian Character of Baylor brings to mind the title of Carl Jung's autobiography, Memories, Dreams, Reflections. Indeed, as the authors of these essays think critically regarding the identity and direction of Baylor University in particular, and Christian higher education in general, memories, dreams, and reflections guide the flow of the volume. The arguments are lively; the reading rich."

"Congratulations on a handsome and substantive volume on The Baptist & Christian Character of Baylor. This work is an important and defining volume, which calls us to serious reflection upon our identity and direction as a Christian University here at Baylor. Since, however, the general is often best studied through the lens of the particular, every serious student of Christian higher education will want to read and think hard on the essays in this book. Donald Schmeltekopf is to be congratulated for his visionary work as Provost of Baylor, for the colloquy in his honor from which these essays came, and for his introduction and editing of this significant work. "