J. Clifton Williams

Distinguished Professor Emeritus, Baylor University

"I was not looking forward to reading The Baptist & Christian Character of Baylor, but once I began, I couldn't put it down. Although the positions of the authors differ widely-perhaps more widely than their diplomatic language suggests-I detect no meanness. There were deep convictions, but mutual respect and not meanness from these uniquely intelligent, informed, and intellectually honest contributors. Assuming that some aspects of Baylor's vision statement are not inalterably set in concrete (good plans never are!), the content of this publication provides an incomparable opportunity for a serious rapprochement between the Baylor constituents who feel alienated and those who support the recent changes that have so dramatically altered Baylor's culture. The book should be enlightening and challenging reading for anyone with an open mind-for anyone who is not certain that he or she has all of the right answers."