Table of Contents

The following titles link to synopses, excerpts or both rather than the full texts of the published papers. If you wish to order a free copy of The Baptist and Christian Character of Baylor you may do so here.


Bradley J. B. Toben


A Christian University in the Baptist Tradition: History of a Vision
Donald D. Schmeltekopf

Part 1 - A University in the Largest Sense of the Word

The Christian University and the Connectedness of Knowledge
C. Stephen Evans
The Christian Narrative and Secular Academia
James Bennighof
The Sciences at a Christian University
Marianna A. Busch
University or Multiversity?
Gerald B. Cleaver
The Integration of Faith and Scientific Inquiry
M. David Rudd

Part 2 - Implications of Christian Identity for Faculty Hiring, Tenure, and Promotion

Building the Faculty at a Christian University: The Significant Contribution Model
Mikeal C. Parsons
An Alternative Vision for Baylor
Robert M. Baird
Emphasizing 'Community' in a Community of Scholars
Diana R. Garland
Unashamed and Unafraid
Mark Osler
Hiring, Tenure, and Promotion at the 'New' Baylor
Charles A. Weaver, III

Part 3 - What Does it Mean to Support the 'Mission' of a Christian University?

The Convergence of Research and Institutional Mission: A Faculty Perspective
Owen Lind
Supporting the Mission: The Obligations of Faculty and Administration Alike
Ralph C. Wood
How Tight to Draw the Circle?
Marjorie J. Cooper
Let Us Not Presume: Making Room for the Loyal Critic
Byron P. Newberry
Baylor's Shared Baptist Vision
Roger E. Olson


The Renewal of Christian Higher Education
David Solomon