Comments and Review

From Our Readers

Mark Schwehn, Professor of History and Humanities "During the last ten years the national conversation about the character and destiny of church-related higher education has progressed with impressive depth and subtlety..."

J. Clifton Williams, Ph.D., Professor Emeritus "I was not looking forward to reading The Baptist & Christian Character of Baylor, but once I began, I couldn't put it down..."

W. Winfred Moore, Professor of Religion "This is a timely and very important book! Baylor folks, as well as others, have long needed a full account of why Christian higher education in its deepest sense is so critical for our students, our Baptist churches, and for the wider culture..."

Susie Jaynes, President Baylor Alumni Association "These papers (The Baptist and Christian Character of Baylor) presented at an April, 2003, colloquy express the multiple perspectives on this issue. I think most Baylor alums will find it intriguing reading--whatever personal perspective they hold."

Randall O'Brien, Religion Professor and Chair "Reading through the collection of essays contained within The Baptist & Christian Character of Baylor brings to mind the title of Carl Jung's autobiography, Memories, Dreams, Reflections. Indeed, as the authors of these essays think critically regarding the identity and direction of Baylor University in particular, and Christian higher education in general, memories, dreams, and reflections guide the flow of the volume..."

William M. Pinson, Jr., Director Emeritus BGCT "Want to examine what is involved in the commitment of a major university to integrating Christian faith, denominational distindtives, and academic excellence? Here is an open, honest description written by persons who are in the midst of the pursuit of that worthy but often elusive goal..."

Leah Witcher Jackson (BBA '83, JD '85) "...Presenting parameters for charting our eventuality, offering sustenance to simulate our intellectual wonderment, and raising additional issues for our vigilant consideration, the essays presented in this volume began a open dialogue and a debate that will, that must, continue...."

Anne-Marie Bowery, Professor of Philosophy "...Though the exact nature of what it means to be a Baptist and Christian institution of higher learning is clearly a deeply contested matter, this volume inspires one to become part of that ongoing conversation."

Dr. Eugene W. Baker, Historian "...Although the persona of an institution of higher education is difficult to quantify, since words that define also tend to limit, the authors of the various chapters of this special publication have provided myriad reflections they perceive to be pertinent to the ongoing development of the Baptist and Christian character of Baylor University, particularly in light of the challenging pilgrimage that Baylor is facing today..."

William F. Cooper, Professor Emeritus "This book is a marvelous record of the colloquy held in April 2003 to discuss the Baptist and Christian character of Baylor. Major academic figures at Baylor provide a clear, sound focus on the basic issues related to this aspect of Baylor's life..."

George A. Mason, Pastor "The cleft between church and academy in America generally is both wide and widely reported. The love of God and the pursuit of knowledge, however, are separated only at the expense of each...