Welcome to the Baylor Chamber of Commerce Recruitment page! This page contains recruitment information, the contact information of the recruitment chairs, and upcoming event dates. 

  • New Event dates will be updated soon. 
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  • If you need to contact the Baylor Chamber of Commerce about Recruitment, please reach out to Alyssa Solano at or Jordan Nguyen at We are more than happy to hear from you!       


Get to know your Recruitment Chairs!


Jordan Nguyen


My name is Jordan Nguyen and I am a Sophomore at Baylor University where I am majoring in Elementary Education with a minor in Spanish and I am also in the Baylor Interdisciplinary Core (BIC). I joined the Baylor Chamber of Commerce for the rich atmosphere that it fosters as well as to serve Baylor for all that it has brought me. Through the role of co-recruitment chair, I hope to provide potential new members with fun events to meet current members, knowledge about the traditions that Baylor Chamber of Commerce holds, and the love of Baylor we all share within the club.  I applaud everyone who puts themselves out there for the Baylor Chamber of Commerce to see and wish everyone with the best during a nerve-racking time.



Alyssa Solano


Hello! My name is Alyssa Solano and I am a Sophomore here at Baylor University. I am an Anthropology major with a minor in Forensic Science. What drew me into joining the Baylor Chamber of Commerce was being able to serve Baylor and be able to learn important core values of life while doing it. I loved Chamber’s message of service without recognition, and wanted to be part of an organization that would teach me to have a heart of a servant. What I am hoping to be able to bring to this recruitment is being able to bring out the best in the new potential members, and bring the same encouragement I felt when I was a new member going through recruitment. With being co-recruitment chair, I strive to have this recruitment process to motivate those who love Baylor and enhance their love for it - while wanting to give back to the campus by doing service.