For Corporations


The Office of Corporate and Foundation Relations (CFR) bridges the corporate and academic worlds, developing partnerships that align business objectives with Baylor University’s strategic initiatives. As a University entry point,we facilitate access to knowledgeable faculty and researchers, talented students, high-tech facilities, market-ready technologies, and opportunities for invest of transformational programs.

To discover how a deeper relationship with Baylor University supports your company in achieving its business objectives, email Corporate Relations at


With our global view of corporate interactions at Baylor University, we are positioned to assist you in identifying partnership opportunities by:

  • Matching your business’ strategic goals (or imperatives) with University initiatives
  • Identifying robust opportunities for maximizing impact
  • Articulating the shared value proposition that collaboration with the University offers
  • Facilitating worthwhile (and/or effective) interactions between campus leadership and your company representatives
  • Maintaining communication about the impact of collaborative goals and the return on investment