BBF Youth Initiative

In partnership with Lilly Endowment, Inc., the Center for Christian Music Studies has developed an initiative to explore youth participation in worship in the local church. Over the next four years our department will work to design and implement programming and resources that directly support youth ministries and their leaders. This project is titled Building Bridges to the Future (BBF) and seeks to strengthen the participation of youth in the worship and music ministry of the local church.

Primary objectives for BBF are the following:

1) Assess how youth are currently connected to the music and worship ministries of BBF partner churches, especially how they are participating in and leading worship in intergenerational contexts;

2) Provide expanded musical and leadership training sessions in order to prepare youth better for success in ministry roles, especially in music ministry;

3) Encourage students to explore ministry vocations;

4) Establish additional best practices for improvement of youth engagement in worship and spiritual formation activities by assisting churches to involve young people in the fuller worship life of their congregation,

5) Disseminate findings from our research and programming to the broader ministry community.

Putting This Into Action

The centerpiece of the BBF program will be bringing young, aspiring worship leaders to Baylor's campus for hands-on music training and discussions regarding church ministry/vocations and spiritual formation in an intimate and inspiring setting. These students will then return home with leadership skills and confidence to enliven their local church congregations in weekly worship. Effective training practices established in the BBF project will be shared broadly in the Christian music community and in Christian institutions of higher learning.

2022 Youth Project Initiatives:
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