Joshua Kim

B.M. Church Music Student

Music has always been a huge part of my life, but if you asked me a couple of years ago, I would tell you that I was for sure going to major in a science related field. I decided to major in church music because I realized singing worship music is when I feel closest to God. It may seem completely insane, but along with church music, I decided to pursue medicine. Also, through the people God has put in my life, I decided to use my interests in music and medicine in missions in the future. Mission work is the main reason I decided to study both music and medicine. The church music aspect would be useful in the worship and pastoral skills that it provides for me in the mission field. The medicine aspect would be useful in providing the people a health service that they would normally never be able to receive.

After my first year at Baylor, my initial convictions to pursue both hit an all-time low because the amount of work and time that would be required to finish both. However, God has provided me with all the opportunities and people necessary to keep me on track. Through the Malaysia Mission Trip in the Spring of 2016, my desire to do mission work increased because I could see God working through all the members of the team and the Malay people. I also met some people on this trip that I could not even imagine life without anymore.

The Malaysia trip was the highlight of my freshman year at Baylor. We held various workshops at churches in different cities. Seeing how much the native people appreciated things that we take for granted in the US is just really eye opening. The smiles and laughs that we were able to share together are the reasons that I want to become a missionary and help people in whatever way I can. The path in front of me is still very long and difficult but it will be worth it. I look forward to going to Kenya in the Spring of 2017 with the Men’s choir and to future mission trips with the church music department.

Joshua Kim is a sophomore from Flower Mound, Texas studying church music with a vocal emphasis and also studying medicine. He currently attends Harris Creek Baptist Church and plans to become more involved in the youth group of the church.