From Memory to Imagination

Reforming the Church's Music

C. Randall Bradley, author

The "worship wars" over styles of worship -- traditional, contemporary, or blended -- that dominated discussions of church music over the past twenty years have calmed down, and many churches have reached decisions about which "worship style" defines them. At a more fundamental level, however, change has yet to begin.

In From Memory to Imagination Randall Bradley argues that the worship wars have left fallout that needs to be cleaned up and that fundamental cultural changes -- namely, the effects of postmodernism -- call for new approaches to worship, including replacing power-based models with collaboration and humility, denominationalism with ecumenicity, and parochialism and male dominance with inclusivity. Even as Bradley rehearses the church's past mistakes, he exudes joyful hope for the future and offers concrete ways to apply lessons learned. This book is a must read for church leaders and anyone interested in worship music.

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