Logan Walter

As long as he can remember, Logan Walter has wanted to follow along the trail blazed by his father, Jeff, who fronted the worship band, Gabriel. Logan started in 1998 by leading worship for his 7th grade Sunday School class. In 2003, David Crowder asked Logan to be the back-up worship leader at University Baptist Church [UBC] when David Crowder was on tour.

From 2003 to 2012, Logan led as many as 45 Sundays per year at home churches in Waco [UBC '03-07], Dallas [The Heights '07-11], and Austin [Austin Ridge 2012], while maintaining a full-time road ministry as the lead worshipper and songwriter for the band, Dutton. At the end of 2012, Dutton disbanded to focus on family, community, the Church, and their individual pursuits of Christ. But the end of Dutton's ministry marked the beginning of a new ministry for Logan, who continues to travel, lead worship, and share the gospel through music. In 2013, Logan began serving as a worship leader at The Austin Stone.