Cassandra Northcutt

Cassandra Northcutt is a graduate of Baylor University and has remained loyal to Baylor in many ways throughout the years. She supports the school by serving as the BU Alumni Association Director and her endowment, the Northcutt Lecture Series, has enabled Baylor's Center for Christian Music Studies to host many nationally and internationally recognized church music scholars since 1985. During her time at Baylor, Cassandra was a member of Rhapsody in White and the Baylor Bards, both choral ensembles led by Mrs. Martha Barkema.

Cassandra has been a lifetime Baptist; she is involved in BGCT committees and serves at First Baptist Church, Longview, TX where she volunteers her time with choir, missions, and other committees. A family of Baylor alumni, she, her husband Le Grande, and their two children are all Baylor graduates.