Course Descriptions

MUS 5354 - The Business of Ministry
This course is designed for church leaders to study church business concepts and basic administrative practices in order to enhance the vision and ministry of the church. Major emphases include constitution and bylaws, policies and procedures, financial processes, budgets, personnel issues, tax and legal issues, risk management, facilities management, church debt, social media, personal finances, donor issues, and stewardship philosophies.
MUS 5342 - Choral Vocal Music Ministry
A study of adult choirs, youth choirs and children’s choirs, ensembles and soloists including rehearsal techniques, spiritual growth, promotion, management, vocal development, materials and their role in the life of the church and community.
MUS 5353 - Congregational Song in Global Perspective
This course will explore aspects of the composition, performance, and reception of Christian congregational song around the world.
MUS 5357 - Congregational Song in Historical Perspective
An awareness and understanding of Christian congregational song is essential for carrying out an effective music ministry in the church. Congregational Song in Historical Perspective provides an opportunity for in-depth study of selected areas in the history and literature of Christian hymnody. This course builds on the foundation provided by the survey course The Song of the Church (MUS 4374), allowing the student to delve more deeply into the subject.
MUS 5345 - Leadership for Ministry
A survey of leadership theory and practice including biblical, historical, and contemporary perspectives. Texts from various disciplines (including practical theology, psychology, and management theory) will be employed. The course will explore such topics as styles, modeling, personality types, spiritual gifts, and church systems and structures that are related to leadership.
MUS 4375 - Leadership in Music Ministry
A survey of the principles involved in organizing and implementing a comprehensive music ministry, including budgeting, programming, and multiple staff relationships. An introduction to pastoral skills including visioning, hospital visitation, and conflict management.
MUS 5346 - Leading the Church’s Song
A study of the practical leadership of music in worship in a variety of contexts, helping to develop the understanding and functional skill set required to design and lead worship effectively.
MUS 5347 - Liturgical Traditions
The purpose of the course Liturgical Traditions is to study the principal worship forms of the Eastern and Western churches. Particular emphasis is given to the continuity of worship practices, the forms and roles of music developed for and used in the liturgical orders, and the relationship of the traditions to Christian worship in the present day.
MUS 5349 - Perspectives on Worship
A study of music in worship from biblical times to the present, focusing on the varied perspectives of worship theologians. Includes worship planning and leadership and evaluation of present uses, trends, and emphases.
MUS 5350 - Resources for Worship
An exploration of the various printed and electronic resources for worship planning, administration, production, and continuing education, equipping the student in the practical and technological skillset necessary for ministry today.
MUS 5351 - Sacred Choral Literature
A study of the repertory, functions, and performing forces of sacred choral music in various genres and periods of musical and church history.
MUS 5352 - Worship in Global Perspective
This course provides a broad overview of Christian worship practices around the world, including approaches to the relationship between worship, music, culture and religious traditions.

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