Course Descriptions

MUS 5240 - Worship in the Church
A study of music in worship from biblical times to the present. Includes worship planning and leadership, and evaluation of present uses, trends and emphases.
MUS 5241 - Congregational Song
The study of congregational music used in corporate worship, including hymns, choruses and scripture songs. The course includes the historical development of hymns and the analysis of the literary, scriptural and theological content of congregational song.

MUS 5242 - Seminar in Music Ministry
Administration of the church music ministry including budgeting, organizing, recruiting, office management, and working with multiple staff. The course also includes philosophy of church music ministry from a biblical, historical, and contemporary framework.
MUS 5247 - Choral/Vocal Music Ministries in the Church
A study of adult choirs, youth choirs and children's choirs, ensembles and soloists, including rehearsal techniques, spiritual growth, promotion, management, vocal development, materials and their role in the life of the church and community.
MUS 5244 History of American Church Music
Composers, authors, movements, styles, and types of literature pertaining to church music in the United States from the 1560s to the present. Emphasis will be given to current trends in American church music.  

MUS 5245 Turning Points in Church Music
A study of major turning points in the history of church music including analysis and application to the current issues.
MUS 5246 Comparative Liturgies
A study of Christian liturgies from various cultures and historical periods including historical and current material.

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