Student Perspectives

Baylor offers students a wide-variety of enrichment opportunities throughout their studies. Outstanding church musicians and Christian artists are regularly brought to campus to engage and dialogue with church music students. Read below to discover why students chose the Baylor Church Music experience.

Undergraduate Students

Joannie Fleischer - B.M. Church Music - Class of 2019
Through the church music program at Baylor, I have been offered many wonderful opportunities. From being able to meet and talk with Bill Gaither and David Crowder to being offered a pianist position in a local church. The time I have spent here so far could not have been more more

Joshua Kim - B.M. Church Music - Class of 2019
Through the Malaysia Mission Trip, my desire to do mission work increased because I could see God working through the members of the team and the Malay people. I also met people on this trip that I could not even imagine life without. Smiles and laughs that we were able to share together are the reasons that I want more

Sam Still - Church Music Minor - Class of 2018
I will have a never-ending appreciation and affection for Baylor. The academic challenges, unforgettable experiences, and true friendships I have found at Baylor during my college career have shaped me and will continue to do so as I lean into and live out my calling to music more

Graduate Students

Alex Uberia - M.M. Candidate
Since I have been here I have been thoroughly and holistically challenged. Academically, I am being presented with engaging material that develops me both as a musician and a scholar. Spiritually, I am constantly faced with the reality that what I do as a musician has the potential to impact others on a permanent more

Matthew Davis - M.Div. / M.M. Candidate
Truett and the School of Music has pushed me out of my comfort zone and challenged me spiritually and mentally to be the best seminarian and musician I can be. Each week comes with its good and challenging moments, but Baylor has taught me the importance of community and the strength that comes with more

Maria Monteiro - Ph.D. Candidate
This is only my first semester and I can already see plenty of new paths for me to explore. Contemplating mountains of books I need to read and mountains of papers I need to write, I proceed under the guidance of highly capable and hospitable faculty members, in a learning environment that is extremely more

Nate Myrick - Ph. D. Candidate
To say that life as a scholar of religion and music and art and people is rewarding is an understatement. To say that Baylor Church Music is the perfect context for that rewarding experience is equally so. Through the mentorship of the faculty and the community of my colleagues, I know that I have grown as more


Emily Snider Andrews - M.Div / M.M. Graduate
Baylor School of Music’s collaboration with George W. Truett Theological Seminary made it possible for me to dig deeply into the two fields on which my passions centered.  The interlacing of music and theology through the M.M./M.Div. dual degree program came to embody for me a model of ministry, study, and more

John Woods - B.M. / M.Div / M.M. Graduate
My time at Baylor changed the trajectory of my life forever, giving me an education that has allowed me to say “yes” to God’s leading more often. The musical training I received has allowed me to lead any musical group with confidence and expertise, whether a band, choir, orchestra, or combination of them all. more