Course Descriptions

MUS 3370 - The Musician as Educator in the Church

A survey of music education in the church, with particular emphasis upon the planning, implementation and ministerial facets of teaching, as well as a look at the practical, philosophical, and psychological aspects within a church setting.

MUS 3375 - Leadership in Music Ministry

Survey of the principles involved in organizing and implementing a comprehensive music ministry, including budgeting, programming, and multiple staff relationships. An introduction to pastoral skills including visioning, hospital visitation, and conflict management.

MUS 3377 - Instrumental Music in the Church

A study of the use of instruments in the church, seeking to provide students with both knowledge and skill set in the field of instrumental music arrangement and performance practice specifically in the context of Christian worship.

MUS 3378 - Technology and Keyboards in the Church

A survey of the use of technology, keyboard instruments, and handbells in the church; including the purchase, maintenance, and use of the instruments/equipment.

MUS 4373 - Worship in the Church

A study of music in worship from biblical times to the present. Includes strengthening worship leadership and planning skills and thereby connecting the principles and practice of music making in worship to the broader life of the Church in a local context.

MUS 4374 - The Song of the Church

A survey of vocal music in the Christian church, with particular emphasis upon the literary, scriptural, theological, musical, historical, and performance background of congregational song, and an introduction to selected standard sacred choral literature.

MUS 2370 - Formation for Christian Musicianship
An introduction to selected aspects of Christian music ministry, including personal spiritual formation, the call to ministry, careers in Christian music, philosophy and history of church music, and practical skills for collegiate music ministry.