About Us

For many decades the Church Music program at Baylor has played a principal role in providing key leadership for all facets of Christian music. In Baylor's unique Christian environment, students are valued and respected for their passion in music ministry. Here they find a community of students that share this passion, as well as a body of respected faculty that diligently work to develop their potential. Baylor graduates serve in many of country's leading music ministries, while also participating in church music leadership throughout the world. Many Baylor graduates also find positions as Christian artists within the music industry.


To provide leadership in all aspects of Christian music by becoming a preeminent center of study for Christian music worldwide and to foster the growth and effectiveness of efforts to utilize Christian music to its God-given potential.


  • To offer students an environment where Christian music is valued and nurtured
  • To provide events, programs, and publications that address all aspects of Christian music
  • To become uniquely positioned to make the strongest impact historically on Christian music
  • To assist in connecting students with mentors and advisors in the professional world who can assist them in fulfilling their God-given dreams and aspirations
  • To bring together many facets of Christian music into a meaningful dialogue
  • To lift the status of Christian music in the academic community through research, publications, and dialogue
  • To create an awareness in the academic community of developments in the field of contemporary Christian music
  • To explore current trends in Christian music and influence their effect on church music
  • To provide opportunities for Baylor students to further their exploration of Christian music
  • To affect profound change in the field of church music
  • To assist in connecting Baylor with its supporters
  • To provide encouragement for students who desire careers in the Christian music industry or in other music-related Christian vocations
  • To assist existing programs in broadening their scope and appeal on campus and beyond