Structure of Chondrule Rims

Structure of chondrule rims
Structure of chondrule rims. (Credit: CASPER)

Fine-grained dust rims (FGRs) around sub-millimeter-sized chondrules are believed to have formed in the solar nebula, acting as a “glue” that enables chondrules to stick together. The properties of these FGRs (including porosity, thickness, and dust grain alignment) contains critical information about the dynamics of the solar nebula. In this project, CASPER scientists investigate the connection between FGRs observed in chondrites and the nebular conditions during FGR formation, including turbulence, grain charge, and grain shape. The results from laboratory measurements are compared to numerical models, providing the critical information required to improve current models of asteroid and planetary formation.

Faculty & Staff: Truell Hyde, Augusto Carballido, Lorin Matthews

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