Episode 23: Start Your Week on Friday

      Season 2 - Episode 23
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May 10, 2019

Name: Andrew Person

Hometown: Born in Thailand

Reasons for coming to Baylor:

  • Met a lot of people from Baylor in Thailand

Major: History and Education, BIC program

Do you have trouble keeping your eyes open late at night when you are trying to get through a reading for class the next day?  Are you struggling to keep up with the rigorous requirements for your classes?  Listen in as Andrew Person shares some of his insights on how to maximize your time so you can prepare for class and still have time for connecting with friends and extracurricular activities.

Interest in major:

  • Tutored in education
  • Wide range of opportunities in History
  • Liberal arts education with technical skills

Study strategies:

  • Cornell note system
  • Look at the week ahead on Fridays
  • Read on the weekends
  • Focus the rest of the week on notes
  • Study the most on Saturday
  • Pomodoro technique
    • Switching up the environment
    • Timer on the Mac

Morning routine:

  • Devotional time
  • Workout
  • Get to class 10 minutes before class
  • Be up and active 30 minutes before class

Study locations:

Overcoming Challenges:

  • Freshman year had a lot of growth socially
  • High School was very different than Baylor it was a huge wakeup call
  • Could have lost scholarships
  • Those moments really changed his habits

On-campus Involvement:

Coffee Order:

Baylor Resource:

  • Dr. Payne, History Professor
  • BIC Program Staff
  • Mentor for accountability and helpful resource

Hopes beyond Baylor:

  • Teach
  • Missions and Education
  • Diplomacy