Episode 19: Don't Get Stressed!

      Season 2 - Episode 19
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March 5, 2019

Name: Dylan Hines 

Hometown: Houston, Texas 

Major: Computer Science 

Classification: Senior 

Do you ever find yourself frozen with panic, not sure how to move forward in preparing for your classes?  Are you uncertain about which resources to access to guide you on your next steps?  As Dylan Hines says, "Don't get stressed!"  Listen to Dylan share his best tips and strategies for staying on top of class assignments all while being active and involved in a spectrum of co-curricular activities.

Reason for coming to Baylor: 

  • Christian atmosphere 
  • Great sized campus- not too big or too small 

Reason for choosing major: 

  • Dad was an electrical engineer 
  • Went to an engineering camp 
  • Realized that computer science was more creative 

Study strategies: 

  • Don’t get stressed by the workload 
  • Stay calm 
  • Read ahead of classes 
  • Don’t hear new concepts for the first time in class 
  • Try to learn about it ahead of time 

Study routine: 

  • Study in room with music  
  • Put phone on airplane mode 
  • Minimize distractions 

Daily routine: 

  • Start day off with music 
  • Eat a good breakfast 
  • Soundtrack: varies day to day 

Study spots: 

Overcoming challenge: 

  • Last semester was not going how he planned 
  • Even if semester does not start out great, never give up 
  • There can be unexpected opportunities throughout the semester to raise your grade 

On-campus involvement: 

Time-Management tool: 

  • Microsoft Outlook Planner 
  • Have everything in one place  
  • Update it often 

Advice for freshman year self: 

  • Always ask if there is something you want or need 
  • Worst thing a person can say is “no” 
  • If you want to be apart of something, just ask 
  • Don’t be afraid 
  • Study more 
  • Study a little bit every day and you will avoid ever having to cram again 
  • Don’t be afraid to talk to people 
  • Use your freshman status as an advantage 
  • Networking is everything 

Study breaks: 

Baylor resources: 

  • Trish Baum helped manage his time and schedule 

Hopes beyond Baylor: 

  • Be happy with job and place of residence 
  • Feel accomplished with college career 
  • Have a job in computer science 
  • Maximize opportunities