Episode 16: Business and Basketball

      Season 2 - Episode 16
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January 31, 2019

Name: Lee Deckard

Hometown: Boerne, Texas

Major: Management Minor: Corporate Communications

On today's podcast we'll hear from Lee Deckard who balances being a business management major with being involved in the Basketball Practice Team.  Both pursuits take time and attention.  Hear how Lee has set routines in his life to make it all work!


Reason for coming to Baylor:

  • Campus was a great size-not too big or too small
  • Baylor football was great

Study Strategies:

  • Take every test seriously
  • Study at least 4 or 5 days in advance
  • Study for the test at least one hour a day so you don’t cram at the end

Study Routine:

  • Have a study group for difficult classes
    • Teaching someone helps reinforce learning
  • Reach out to professors for help on difficult concepts

Morning Routine:

  • Wake up at 6 am
  • Eat breakfast (usually eggs and oatmeal)
  • Make sure all homework that is due is done for the day
  • 45 minutes of relaxation is left so there is no rush
  • Take 8 am classes
  • Afternoons filled with basketball practice
  • Having an established routine helps him prepare for his day

Study spots:

Campus Involvement:

    • Practice 3-4 times a week
    • Practice runs from 1-5
  • First In Line Student Society
    • Mentor to first generation college students
  • Community building is a great benefit to joining a group on campus

Time-management tools:

  • Communicate with your peers in your class
    • Helps to have someone to reach out to in the class
  • Write tasks on calendar and day-to-day planner
  • Set up reminders through phone or laptop
  • Check canvas app on phone

Baylor Resources:

  • Professors
    • Office hours
    • Introduce yourself to your professors
    • Go to their office with a friend if you are nervous or uncomfortable
    • Be consistent with your visits to office hours
  • Success Center Tutoring in Sid Richardson
    • Student tutor volunteers time and helps navigate others to be successful in
    • those classes

Hopes beyond Baylor:

  • Go to business fairs for a job
  • Start a career and have own apartment