Episode 14: Pauleen Diamond -- Prioritize Your Time

      Season 1 - Episode 14
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December 5, 2018

Name: Pauleen Diamond

Hometown: San Juan, Puerto Rico

Major: Psychology

Minor(s): Criminal Justice and Forensic Science

Do you ever find yourself spread too thin?  Are you struggling to find a study routine or study space that is the right fit?  Listen to Pauleen Diamond as she shares about her journey at Baylor and what tips and strategies that she's learned along the way to support her academic success.


Study strategies:

  • Study alone
    • helps better with focusing
  • Quizlets
  • Studying with a friend and teach each other the material
  • Divide readings into 5 or 6 sessions
    • For example, read a couple pages in the morning and then read more in the afternoon
    • Helps retain the information better
    • Seems more achievable

Study routine:

  • Quizlets or flashcards
  • Start study session with snacks and water
  • Look at planner
  • Prioritize task by most important

Morning routine:

  • Start the day with music and coffee
  • Favorite music: alternative music, indie-rock
  • Don’t stress over the day
  • Healthy breakfast
  • Review notes
  • Read notes back to herself

Study spots:

  • Studying alone
    • Moody- 2nd floor in the red room
    • Baylor Science Building- 3rd and 4th floor
      • Relaxing because of natural light and comfortable chairs
      • Beautiful view of Baylor

Overcoming challenge:

  • Freshman year
    • Trying to balance academics and social life
      • Overwhelmed herself
      • Spread herself too thin
    • Get a good routine down
      • Have certain task scheduled to help your routine
      • During breaks, do hobbies with friends

Time-management tools:

  • Dayplanner looks like a notebook
  • Write everything down to stay on track

On-campus involvement:

  • Secretary to Alpha Lambda Delta
    • first meeting was intimidating but they have opportunities to help you meet people
  • Baylor rock climbing club
    • great to relieve stress
  • Baylor intramural
    • great way to exercise and spend time with friends

Favorite coffee order:

  • Makes her own coffee at home with espresso machine
  • Starbucks: black coffee with cream or venti iced vanilla coffee

Baylor resources:

  • Advisors
    • Personal and have been very helpful in helping her decide her minors
    • Help with prioritizing what you need to do and with studying abroad
  • Counseling Center
    • Stay grounded
    • Help get through stressful moments
  • Everything at the SLC

Hopes beyond Baylor:

  • Explore the world
  • Graduate school for doctorate in forensics psychology
  • Take advantage of everything life has to offer
  • Help people in any way she can
  • Join the FBI

Cheery Monday Kevin MacLeod (incompetech.com) 
Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0