Episode 13: Bianca Hill -- Give Yourself Space

      Season 1 - Episode 13
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November 29, 2018

Name: Bianca Hill

Hometown: Dallas, Texas

Major: Anthropology

Do you find yourself putting too much pressure on yourself to get it all done?  Are you overwhelmed by the tasks at hand?  Listen to this episode with Bianca Hill where she shares the strategies for all the different ways she gives herself space physically, emotionally, and mentally. 



Reasons for coming to Baylor:

  • Transferred in her 3rd year
  • Fell in love with the community and campus

Study strategies:

  • Try not to start things when you can’t get the ball rolling
  • Quiet space
  • Take up a lot of space
  • Read out loud
  • Color Coding
    • Color-code notes and textbook by concepts
    • Helps retain information and connect everything
  • Writing Papers
    • When writing a paper, make a list of possible ideas
    • Start the process a week before the paper is due

Study routine:

  • Sticky notes
  • Make a plan for what needs to get done
  • Write out a to-do list for every task
  • Plan for night before the next day

Morning routine:

  • Get ready for the day
  • Eat breakfast
  • Everything is all ready to go for the day
  • Check emails if she has time
  • Does homework in the afternoon

Study spots:

Overcoming challenge:

  • Learned humility
  • Struggled with anxiety and depression
  • Used resources on-campus like friends and faculty
  • Take care of yourself
  • Give yourself grace
  • Learned to be open and vulnerable
  • Helped her be more successful

On-campus involvement:

Advice you would give your first semester self:

  • Give yourself grace
  • You do not need to have everything figured out
  • Take a break it’s okay

Time-management tools:

  • Physical planner
    • includes everything
    • planner is made by a cartoon comic Sarah’s scribbles
    • includes a drawing and maybe a joke
  • Sticky notes everywhere 
    • helps with reminders
  • Alarm on phones

Study break:

  • Walk around the building
  • Play volleyball or run
  • Sing or dance
  • Anything with movement

Baylor resource:

Hopes beyond Baylor:

  • Stay at Baylor
  • Help students be successful in college
  • Working with a non-profit in Waco

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