Episode 12: Alex Newberry -- Developing a Routine for Success

      Season 1 - Episode 12
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November 19, 2018

Name: Alex Newberry

Classification: Senior

Major: Management Information Systems (MIS)

Hometown: Woodlands, Texas

Do you struggle with developing a study routine?  Are you nervous to visit with your professor during office hours?  Listen to Alex Newberry as he shares the keys that have led to his academic success at Baylor.



Study strategies:

  • Annotate the textbook
  • Handwrite notes in class
  • Type up notes and upload it to the Cloud
  • Study outlines and create a Quizlet* from it
  • Study the flashcards and go through the powerpoint
  • When answering a question, do a textbook version and your own version

Morning routine:

  • Wakes up and walks dog
  • Exercises by cycling or swimming 
  • Do homework or work for part-time job
  • When he comes home from school, he starts studying right away
  • 3.5 hours of studying a night
  • Important to balance for physical, academic, and psychological health

Study routine:

  • 45 minutes of work, 15 minute break
  • 15 minute break: walk around, drink water, or walk dog
  • To do list in planner
  • Prioritize by what needs to be done first

Study spots:

  • Studies at home for his dog
  • Likes to study in the smaller libraries
  • Study in places that is not crowded by people
  • Favorite days to study are Friday and Saturday

Campus Involvement:

  • Water polo
  • Delta Sigma
    • Professional business fraternity
    • Taught him to network with people, writing a resume, and how to dress properly

Words of Wisdom:

  • History teacher told him during the first week of school, read the chapter that assigned for a class and come up with a great question
  • Go to the professor’s office hour and they will know that you are interested and paying attention to their class.
  • Make connections and create relationships with faculty
  • If you are shy and you have a question during the lecture, go to their office hour

Time management tools:

  • Outlook based calendar
  • Academic and work planner
  • Task list feature
  • Reminders on iPhone 15 minutes before

Baylor resources:

  • Faculty is great and resourceful
  • They not only help in class but also help with future careers
  • Talk to professors and create a relationship
  • They can write a thoughtful and meaningful letter of recommendation

Hopes beyond Baylor:

  • Moving to San Antonio working with USAA
  • Work for a couple of years and come back to school to get Master’s degree
  • Give back to Baylor

*Be sure to navigate appropriate uses of Quizlet.

Cheery Monday Kevin MacLeod (incompetech.com) 
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