Episode 11: Bisma Zulifqar -- The Power of Preparation

      Season 1 - Episode 11
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November 6, 2018

Name: Bisma Zulifqar

Classification: Senior

Major: Biology, Pre-Med

Hometown: Tyler, Texas

Do you struggle with maintaining focus while studying?  Are you wanting to learn strategies for preparing best for class?  Listen to this episode as Bisma shares some key strategies that have helped her pursue academic excellence.


Study strategies:

  • Base knowledge of materials before class
  • Skim powerpoint slides, notes, or textbook chapter
  • Jot down questions
  • Take classes fairly early, so the rest of your day can be free
  • Meet up with a study group and teach each other the material
  • Teaching the material is so helpful because you have to know what you are talking about

Study routine:

  • Use a planner
    • Update planner regularly
    • Color code
    • Weekly view as oppose to daily view or monthly view
    • Update planner exactly when plans change
  • Pomodoro technique
    • 25 minutes on of studying, 5 minutes off
    • After 4 cycles, take a 30 minute break
  • YouTube: Strive to Fit taught her this time management technique
  • Focus keeper app
  • Staying ahead

Morning routine:

  • Set alarm with iPhone
  • Prefers calm sounds as appose to waking up to loud noises
  • Skin care
  • Podcast or meditation YouTube video
  • Breakfast is important
  • Meal prep is helpful- recipes from Buzzfeed and Pinterest
  • Protein coffee

Study spots:

Overcoming challenge:

  • Did well in high school, but not as well in college
  • Change work ethic and discipline
  • Friends were always out so she had a fear of missing out
  • Routines are important and help you be balanced and realistic with yourself
  • Mindset shift

Words of advice:

  • Get off your phone more often
  • Maximize all your time
  • Establish your routine
  • Don’t make excuses for yourself
  • Set your goals

Campus involvement:

Coffee order:

Irish cream latte- Clover Leaf @ Common Grounds

Baylor resources:

Hopes beyond Baylor:

  • Studying for MCAT
  • Medical school to become a doctor

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