Episode 6: David Roedema -- Prioritize your Time

      Season 1 - Episode 6
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September 25, 2018

Name: David Roedema 

Hometown: Castle Rock, Colorado 

Major: Chemistry, A.C.S. Certified/ Pre-med 

Have you ever felt unprepared for how different college is from high school?  Wondering what to do with the flexibility you now have in your schedule to make sure you spend enough time studying, but also connect with other students?  Listen to David Roedema's Student Success Story as he shares how he maximizes his time for studying as well as connecting in student organizations.  He has some great tips to share!

Study Strategies: 

  • Designated free time in schedule  

  • 30 minutes of studying, 10 minutes of free time 


  • Spikeball  

  • The Whatever

    • Real-life Mario Kart racing

    • Taco tasting tour

    • Ranked best 5 bathrooms at Baylor 

Note-taking tips: 

  • Be attentive in lectures 

  • Don’t write everything the professor says 

  • Supplement what you learn in class with the textbook 

  • Write down the key topics you did not learn understand in class  

  • Review notes later in the day 

Spaces in schedule: 

  • Go over homework before the next class 

  • Review material you did not understand 

  • Review over notes from the previous class 

Morning routine: 

  • Wake up half an hour before class starts 

  • Write on mirror for important things to remember (amino acids) and devotionals  

Favorite study spots: 

  • best place for peace and quiet and when you need to focus 

Overcoming challenge: 

  • Not prepared coming into college 

  • Individual determination and discipline 

  • Understand time-management 

Tools to keep organized: 

  • Cork board above desk with syllabus and calendar 

Coffee order: 

Baylor Resources: 

  • The SLC is great for being active 

Beyond Baylor: 

  • Applying for medical school 

  • Medical missions 

Cheery Monday Kevin MacLeod (incompetech.com) 
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