Episode 5: Jay Jackson -- Attitude is Everything

      Season 1 - Episode 5
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September 18, 2018

Name: Jay Jackson

Hometown: Bosqueville

Major: Psychology

Wondering how to overcome motivation roadblocks?  Need help with prioritization and effective study strategies?  Listen to Jay Jackson as he shares the research-based tools he's learned from his psychology classes that are helping him be academically successful at Baylor.


Study Strategies

  • Study notes immediately after class
  • Come to the next class with notes and questions from your readings
  • “Recall is a lot better when you study in silence”
  • Create connections with the material, why it is important, how it can be applied and how it connects to past material


Study Routine

  • Create an adaptive schedule


Morning Routine

  • Wake up at 4 am
  • Study in the early mornings
  • Take your time eating breakfast


Favorite study spot on campus

  • Let your study space be similar to your test-taking environment
  • Quiet areas 





  • Waco ISD - Baylor High School Project


Time-Management tools


Study Break

  • 45 minutes of studying: 10 minutes of break



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