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Resources from Fall 2021

Computer Science

Introduction to Computer Science I (CSI 1430)

Resource - Week 3: Basic Input & Output, Variables, Arithmetic Operators

Resource - Week 4: Conditional branching, Logical operators, Operator precedence

Resource - Week 5: Variable scope, Pre & Post incrementing and decrementing

Resource - Week 6: Looping, Files streams

Resource - Week 7: Arrays, Output formatting

Resource - Week 8: Vectors, String and CString functions

Resource - Week 9: Functions

Resource - Week 10: Functions, Pass by value, Pass by reference

Resource - Week 11: Classes

Resource - Week 12: Classes, Class functionality

Resource - Week 13: Structs

Thanksgiving week - No resource

Resource - Week 15: Sorting, Selection sort, Insertion sort

Resource - Week 16: Final Review



Calculus III (MTH 2321)

Resource - Week 3: Vectors, Dot product, Cross product, Cylindrical coordinates, Spherical coordinates

Resource - Week 4: Arc length, Speed, Vector-Valued functions

Resource - Week 5: Partial derivatives, Tangent planes, Differentiability

Resource - Week 6: Gradient, Directional derivatives, Optimization

Resource - Week 7: Double integrals, Iterated integrals, Horizontally/Vertically simple

Resource - Week 8: Triple integrals, Integration in polar/spherical/cylindrical coordinates

Resource - Week 9: Change of variables, Vector fields, Curl, Divergence

Resource - Week 10: Scalar line integrals, Vector line integrals, Conservative vector fields

Resource - Week 11: Parameterized surfaces, Surface integrals, Surface integrals of vector fields

Resource - Week 12: Green’s theorem, Boundary curves

Resource - Week 13: Stokes’ theorem, Surface independence

Thanksgiving week - No resource

Resource - Week 15: Divergence theorem

Resource - Week 16: Final Review



Biology I (BIO 1305/1405) (Campbell Textbook)

Resource - Week 3: Foundations, Water, Chemical basics, Biological molecules

Resource - Week 4: Organelles, Membrane structure, Membrane transport, Endosymbiotic theory

Resource - Week 5: Thermodynamics, Free energy change, Enzymes, Cellular Respiration

Resource - Week 6: Glycolysis, Citric acid cycle, Oxidative phosphorylation, Fermentation

Resource - Week 7: Light reactions, Calvin cycle, Alternate carbon fixation

Resource - Week 8: Cell signaling, Cell cycle, Meiosis

Resource - Week 9: Chromosomal inheritance, Linked genes, Abnormal chromosomes

Resource - Week 10: DNA Structure, Nucleotides, Base pairing, Semiconservative replication

Resource - Week 11: Proteins in replication, 5’ 3’ Synthesis, Repair, DNA packaging

Resource - Week 12: Chromosome terms, Haploid vs. Diploid, Mitosis vs. Meiosis, Cell cycle control

Resource - Week 13: Transcription, Translation, RNA Processing, Post-translational modification

Thanksgiving week - No resource

Resource - Week 15: Operons, Gene regulation, Differential gene expression, Cancer

Resource - Week 16: Final Review


Biology I (BIO 1305/1405) (ICB Textbook)

Resource - Week 3: Cell, Heritable information, Experimental design, DNA

Resource - Week 4: Transcription, Translation, Central dogma, Gene induction

Resource - Week 5: Translation, tRNA, Codons, mRNA processing, Peptide bonds

Resource - Week 6: Allele, Homozygous, Heterozygous, Dominant, Recessive, Genotype, Phenotype

Resource - Week 7: Abiotic origins, Prehistoric, Amino acids, Vesicles, Amphiphilic

Resource - Week 8: Mutations, Errors, DNA polymerase, Evolution

Resource - Week 9: Chromatin, Histones, Nucleosomes, DNA organization

Resource - Week 10: Protein structure, Primary, Secondary, Tertiary, Quaternary, Side chains

Resource - Week 11: Epinephrine, G-protein, Adenylyl cyclase, cAMP

Resource - Week 12: Metabolism, Beta oxidation, Cellular Respiration, Deamination, Glycolysis

Resource - Week 13: Photosynthesis, Paraquat, Oxygen Production, Carbon fixation, Light

Thanksgiving week - No resource

Resource - Week 15: Hemoglobin, Myoglobin, Oxygen, Affinity, pH, Cooperativity

Resource - Week 16: Final Review


Biology II (BIO 1306/1406) (Campbell Textbook)

Resource - Week 3: Evolution, Natural Selection, Ecology, Biomes, Climate

Resource - Week 4: Speciation, Reproductive isolation, Macroevolution, Miller and Urey, Population ecology, Vascular plants, Angiosperms, Plant nutrition, Plant responses to stimuli

Resource - Week 5: Speciation, Animal form and function, Community ecology, Symbiosis, Phylogenetics

Resource - Week 6: Animal diversity, Embryonic development, Protostomes and Deuterostomes, Animal tissues, Animal form and function

Resource - Week 7: Seed plants, Plant life cycles, Plant colonization, Animal nutrition, Heart, Circulatory and gas exchange

Resource - Week 8: Plant hormones, Plant responses to stimuli, Vascular plant growth and development, Meristems, Osmoregulation, Excretion, Kidney

Resource - Week 9: Animal Diversity, Embryonic Development, Invertebrates, Plant Nutrition and Population Ecology

Resource - Week 10: Restoration ecology, Ecosystems, Colonization of land, Alternation of generations, Vascular plant life cycle

Resource - Week 11: Plant hormones, Plant responses to signals, Plant defenses, Animal form and function, Community ecology, Animal tissues, Restoration ecology

Resource - Week 12: Evolution, Natural selection, Conservation biology

Resource - Week 13: Miller-Urey Experiment, Early life on earth, Origin of species, Osmoregulation and excretion, Kidney

Thanksgiving week - No resource

Resource - Week 15: Speciation, Animal form and function, Community ecology, Symbiosis, Phylogenetics

Resource - Week 16: Final Review


General Chemistry I (CHE 1301)

Resource - Week 3: Wavelength, Frequency, Electromagnetic radiation, Quantum numbers

Resource - Week 4: Periodicity, Aufbau principle, Electronic configuration, Valence electrons, Core electrons

Resource - Week 5: Potential energy, Bonding, Electronegativity, Bond length, Dipole moment

Resource - Week 6: Lewis, Formal charge, VSEPR

Resource - Week 7: Nomenclature, Formulas, VSEPR

Resource - Week 8: Orbitals diagram, Bond order, Hybridization

Resource - Week 9: Moles, Conversion, Dimensional analysis, Molar mass

Resource - Week 10: Limiting reactant, Percent yield, Hydration, Reaction types, Redox reactions

Resource - Week 11: Acids, Bases, Energy, Kinetics, Exothermic, Endothermic

Resource - Week 12: Systems, Thermodynamics, Gas law

Resource - Week 13: Electrolytes, Molarity, Solution reactions

Thanksgiving week - No resource

Resource - Week 15: Pressure, Boyle, Charles, Gas law

Resource - Week 16: Final Review


Genetics (BIO 2306)

Resource - Week 3: Cell cycle, Mitosis, Meiosis, Chromosome, Inheritance

Resource - Week 4: Pedigree, Testcross, Linked genes, Recombination, Gene map

Resource - Week 5: Testcross, Linked genes, Heritability, Chromosome

Resource - Week 6: Nucleic acid, Bacteria, Chromosome, Nucleosome

Resource - Week 7: Replication, Semi-conservative, Replication fork

Resource - Week 8: Transcription, Ribonucleic acid (RNA), Promoter, Polymerase

Resource - Week 9: Ribosome, Amino acids, Splicing, Codon, Polypeptides

Resource - Week 10: Regulation, Operon, Repressor, Inducer, Histones

Resource - Week 11: Mutation, Mutagen, DNA repair, Electrophoresis

Resource - Week 12: PCR, Blotting, Cloning, Sequencing

Resource - Week 13: Genome, Polymorphisms, Gene flow, Hardy-Weinberg

Thanksgiving week - No resource

Resource - Week 15: Epigenetic, Cancer, Speciation, Evolution

Resource - Week 16: Final Review


Organic Chemistry I (CHE 3331)

Resource - Week 3: Gen Chem, Molecular Representations, Bond Line Structures, Formal Charge, Resonance

Resource - Week 4: Brønstead acid, Brønstead base, Conjugate base, Conjugate acid, Proton transfer

Resource - Week 5: Alkanes, Conformational analysis, Newman projections

Resource - Week 6: Cahn-Ingold-Prelog System, Priority, Fischer projections, Enthalpy, Endothermic, Exothermic, Gibbs free energy

Resource - Week 7: Nucleophile, Electrophile, Mechanism steps, Carbocation stability, Substitution overview

Resource - Week 8: Substitution reactions, Nucleophile, Electrophile

Resource - Week 9: Alkenes, Elimination reactions, E1, E2, E and Z designations, Alkene nomenclature

Resource - Week 10: Addition reactions across alkenes, Hydrohalogenation, Markovnikov addition, Anti-Markovnikov addition, Oxymercuration, Demercuration

Resource - Week 11: Elimination reactions, Acetylene and terminal alkynes, Addition, Reduction

Resource - Week 12: Radical mechanisms, Homolytic cleavage, Resonance, Initiation, Propagation, Termination, Fishhook arrows

Resource - Week 13: Alcohols, Nomenclature of alcohols, Grignard’s reagent, Protection of alcohols

Thanksgiving week - No resource

Resource - Week 15: Oxidation/reduction of alcohols, Chromic acid, PCC, LAH, Ketone, Aldehyde

Resource - Week 16: Final Review


Organic Chemistry II (CHE 3332)

Resource - Week 3: Alcohols, Phenols, ARIO, Ethers, Sulfides, Epoxides, Ring opening

Resource - Week 4: Epoxides, Ethers, Nomenclature, Infrared, Mass spectrometry

Resource - Week 5: Synthesis, Alcohols, Reduction, Oxidation, Epoxides, Pericyclic reactions

Resource - Week 6: Conjugated vs. Isolated, Pericyclic, Molecular orbital diagrams, NMR

Resource - Week 7: Nomenclature of aromatics, Aromaticity, Benzene, Birch reduction

Resource - Week 8: Diels-Alder, Electrocyclic reactions, Heterocycles, Aromaticity

Resource - Week 9: Sigma complex, Meisenheimer complex, Substitution, Activators, Deactivators

Resource - Week 10: Electrophile, Nucleophile, Carbonyl, Aldehydes, Ketones

Resource - Week 11: Nucleophilic addition, Acetal, Ketal, Hemiacetal, Imine, Enamine

Resource - Week 12: Nucleophilic addition, Sulfur, Hydrolysis, Carboxylic acid derivatives

Resource - Week 13: Acid chloride, Anhydrides, Esters, Amides, Nitriles, Nucleophilic acyl substitution

Thanksgiving week - No resource

Resource - Week 15: Alpha carbon, Aldol, Claisen, Enamine, Crossed reaction

Resource - Week 16: Final Review


Physics I (PHY 1408/1420)

Resource - Week 3: Projectile Motion, Forces, Newton’s Laws

Resource - Week 4: Centripetal force, Uniform circular motion, Gravitational force

Resource - Week 5: Work, Energy, Conservation of energy

Resource - Week 6: Momentum, Conservation of momentum, Impulse

Resource - Week 7: Rotation, Torque, Moment of Inertia

Resource - Week 8: Static equilibrium, Stress, Strain

Resource - Week 9: Fluids, Pascal’s principle, Buoyancy, Bernoulli’s equation   

Resource - Week 10: Simple harmonic motion, Wave motion, Pendulums, Energy in simple harmonic motion

Resource - Week 11: Sound, Standing waves in strings and tubes, Doppler effect

Resource - Week 12: Temperature, Thermal expansion, Ideal gas law

Resource - Week 13: Heat, Thermal expansion, Specific heat, Latent heat

Thanksgiving week - No resource

Resource - Week 15: Laws of thermodynamics, Thermodynamic processes, Heat engine, Heat pump

Resource - Week 16: Final Review


Physics II (PHY 1409/1430)

Resource - Week 3: Electrical Potential, Potential Difference, Capacitors, Capacitance

Resource - Week 4: Electric current, Ohm’s Law, Kirchoff’s rules

Resource - Week 5: Magnetism, Right hand rule, Solenoids

Resource - Week 6: Electromagnetic induction, Lenz’s law, Induced EMF

Resource - Week 7: Transformers, Inductance, AC circuits

Resource - Week 8: EM Waves, EM Spectrum, Energy and momentum in EM waves

Resource - Week 9: Law of reflection, Concave mirror, Convex mirror, Mirror equation

Resource - Week 10: Refraction, Snell’s law, Thin lens equation, Lens maker’s equation

Resource - Week 11: Diffraction, Interference, Diffraction gratings, Polarization

Resource - Week 12: Special relativity, Mass and energy, Photoelectric effect, Bohr model

Resource - Week 13: Wave function, Heisenberg uncertainty principle, Quantum numbers, Pauli exclusion principle

Thanksgiving week - No resource

Resource - Week 15: Bonding in molecules, Decays, Half-life, Nuclear energy

Resource - Week 16: Final Review




Accounting 2303

Resource - Week 3: Cash vs Accrual Accounting

Resource - Week 4: Closing Entries and Accounting Ratios

Resource - Week 5: Journal Entry Mechanics

Resource - Week 6: Fraud

Resource - Week 7: Bank Reconciliations

Resource - Week 8: Uncollectable Accounts

Resource - Week 9: Accounting for Inventory

Resource - Week 10: Capitalization vs. Expensing

Resource - Week 11: Bonds

Resource - Week 12: Current and Long-term Liabilities

Resource - Week 13: Corporate Structure and Equity

Resource - Week 14: Statement of Cash Flows

Computer Science

Introduction to Programming 1 (CSI 1401)

Resource - Week 3: String, List, Set, Dictionary

Resource - Week 4: Conditional Branch, Equality & Boolean Operators

Resource - Week 5: Order of Evaluation, Code Blocks, Conditional Expression

Resource - Week 6: While Loops

Resource - Week 7: For Loops, Range Function, Break, Continue, Loop-else

Resource - Week 8: Function Basics

Resource - Week 9: Function Stubs, Function Objects, Common Function Pitfalls

Resource - Week 10: Variable Scope, Namespaces, Function Arguments

Resource - Week 11: String Slicing, Advanced String Formatting, String Methods

Resource - Week 12: List Operations, List Methods, List Slicing

Resource - Week 13: Dictionary Operations, Dictionary Methods, Dictionary Iterating

Resource - Week 14: Final Review

Introduction to Computer Science I (CSI 1430)

Resource - Week 3: I/O, Variables, Types, Arithmetic, Operators, Branching

Resource - Week 4: Branching, Boolean Values, Logic

Resource - Week 5: Variable Scope, Loops

Resource - Week 6: Arrays, Vectors, STL, Standard template vectors

Resource - Week 7: Arrays, Cectors, STL, Functions, Header file, Source file

Resource - Week 8: Functions, Header file, Source file, Vectors, STL vector

Resource - Week 9: Objects, Header file, Source file, Classes, Structs

Resource - Week 10: Objects, Header file, Source file, Classes, Structs

Resource - Week 11: Objects, Classes, Class functions, Streams

Resource - Week 12: Searching, Sorting, Bubblesort, Binary search

Resource - Week 13: Searching, objects, STL containers

Resource - Week 14: Pointers, Indirection, References

Resource - Week 15: End of semester review


French I (FRE 1301)

Resource - Week 3: Manners/Greetings, Countries, Nationalities, Definitive Articles

Resource - Week 4: Colors, Clothing, Verb “avoir”, Verb “être”

Resource - Week 5: Preposition, “à”, “de”

Resource - Week 6: Seasons, Family members

Resource - Week 7: Faire, Aller, Être, Avoir

Resource - Week 8: Verb “prendre”, Verb “boire”

Resource - Week 9: Vouloir, Pouvoir, Devoir

Resource - Week 10: Seasons, The verb “aller”

Resource - Week 11: Vouloir, Pouvoir, Devoir

Resource - Week 12: Faire”, Preposition “à”, Preposition “de”

Resource - Week 13: Les verbes “-ir”, Les mots interrogatifs, La famille

Resource - Week 14: Les prépositions de lieu, “ne...pas”, Les mots interrogatifs

Resource - Week 15: End of semester review

Spanish II (SPA 1302)

Resource - Week 3: Estar vs. Ser, Verb Phrase Meaning Changes, Preterite, -CAR, -GAR, -ZAR Endings

Resource - Week 4: Equal Comparatives, Unequal Comparatives, Superlatives, Absolute Superlatives

Resource - Week 5: La Comida, Irregular verbs (Preterite Tense), Meaning changes (Preterite Tense)

Resource - Week 6: Resource not available for Week 6. Please refer to last week’s resource for further guidance.

Resource - Week 7: Imperfect Tense, Utilization, Conjugation, Irregular verbs

Resource - Week 8: Question words, Contractions “Con”, Irregular “u” verbs

Resource - Week 9: Irregular “i” stem changing verbs, Passive “se”, Impersonal “se”, Adverbs

Resource - Week 10: Por vs Para, Familiar commands, Reciprocal reflexives

Resource - Week 11: Relative pronouns, Que, Quien, Formal commands, Stressed possessive adjectives

Resource - Week 12: Present Subjunctive, Verbs of Wishes, Verbs of Emotion

Resource - Week 13: "WEIRDO", Subjunctive with Verbs of Interpersonal Expressions, Subjunctive with Verbs of Recommendation

Resource - Week 14: Irregular Verbs Subjunctive, Subjunctive with Doubt, Subjunctive with “Ojalá”

Resource - Week 15: End of semester review


Pre-calculus (MTH 1320)

Resource - Week 3: Composition of Functions, Transformation of Functions, Inverse Functions, Linear Functions

Resource - Week 4: Linear Functions, Graphs of Linear Functions, Modeling with Linear Functions, Quadratic Functions

Resource - Week 5: Quadratic Functions, Power Functions, Polynomial Functions

Resource - Week 6: Graphs of Polynomial Functions, Factoring, Intermediate Value Theorem, Dividing Polynomials

Resource - Week 7: Rational Functions, Asymptotes

Resource - Week 8: Exponential Functions and Their Graphs

Resource - Week 9: Logarithmic Functions and Their Graphs

Resource - Week 10: Logarithmic Properties, Exponential and Logarithmic Equations

Resource - Week 11: Angles, Unit Circle, Sine and Cosine Functions

Resource - Week 12: Trigonometric Functions, Right Triangle Trigonometry

Resource - Week 13: Graphs of Trigonometric Functions

Resource - Week 14: Inverse Trig Functions, Sum & Difference Identities, Double-Angle, Half-Angle, & Reduction Formulas, Summary of Functions

Calculus I (MTH 1321)

Resource - Week 3: Limits, Continuity, Discontinuity, IVT, Derivatives

Resource - Week 4: Limits, Derivatives, Product Rule, Quotient Rule

Resource - Week 5: Velocity, Acceleration, Higher order derivatives, Derivatives of trig functions

Resource - Week 6: Chain rule, Implicit differentiation, Derivatives of logarithmic functions, Derivatives of exponential functions, Derivatives of hyperbolic trig functions

Resource - Week 7: Related rates

Resource - Week 8: Linear approximation, Critical points, Mean value theorem, Monotonicity, 1st derivative test

Resource - Week 9: Critical points, 2nd Derivative test

Resource - Week 10: Graph sketching, Optimization

Resource - Week 11: Riemann sums, Definite integrals, Indefinite integrals

Resource - Week 12: Riemann Sums, Definite Integrals, Indefinite Integrals

Resource - Week 13: Fundamental Theorem of Calculus (2nd part), Distance, Displacement, U-substitution

Resource - Week 14: Fundamental theorem, Distance, Displacement, U-substitution, Inverse trig integration

Resource - Week 15: End of semester review

Calculus II (MTH 1322)

Resource - Week 3: Indefinite Integral, Trigonometric Identities, Integration by Parts

Resource - Week 4: Volumes of Revolution, Partial Fraction Decomposition, Area Between Two Curves

Resource - Week 5: Method of partial fractions, Polynomial long division, L’Hopital’s rule

Resource - Week 6: Improper integrals, Area between two curves

Resource - Week 7: Improper Integrals, Comparison test, Probability using integrals

Resource - Week 8: Arc length, Surface area, Differential equations

Resource - Week 9: Shell method, Hooke’s Law, Work and Energy

Resource - Week 10: Logistics equations, Sequences

Resource - Week 11: Geometric Series / Integral test / Limit test

Resource - Week 12: Limit and Direct comparison test, Alternating series, Absolute and Conditional convergence

Resource - Week 13: Ratio Test, Root Test

Resource - Week 14: Power series, Taylor series

Resource - Week 15: End of semester review

Linear Algebra (MTH 2311)

Resource - Week 1: Systems of Linear Equations, Row Reductions and Echelon Forms, Vector and Matrix Equations

Resource - Week 2: Vector and Matrix Equations (Continued), Span and Linear Independence, Matrices as Linear Transformations

Resource - Week 3: Matrices as Linear Transformations (Continued), Matrix Operations and Properties

Resource - Week 4: Matrix Operations and Properties (Continued), Matrix Forms and Factorizations

Resource - Week 5: Matrix Applications, Vector Spaces and Subspaces

Resource - Week 6: Determinants and Determinant Applications

Resource - Week 7: Definitions and Applications of Subspaces, The Four Fundamental Subspaces

Resource - Week 8: The Four Fundamental Subspaces (Continued), Linearly Independent Sets and Bases

Resource - Week 9: The Four Fundamental Subspaces (Continued), Eigenvalues and Eigenvectors

Resource - Week 10: Eigenvalues and Eigenvectors (Continued), Characteristic Equations

Resource - Week 11: Diagonalization

Resource - Week 12: Orthogonality and Projections, Orthogonal Subspaces


Biology I (BIO 1305) (ICB Textbook)

Resource - Week 3: Cells, Biological Information, Heritable Material, DNA and Proteins

Resource - Week 4: Central Dogma, Transcription, Gene Induction, Translation

Resource - Week 5: Genetics, Probability Rules, Addition/Multiplication, Random

Resource - Week 6: Probability Rules, Addition/Multiplication, Eukaryotes, Mitosis

Resource - Week 7: Meiosis, Haploid Cells, Evolution, Natural Selection, Stanley-Miller

Resource - Week 8: Genetic Diseases, DNA Replication, DNA Polymerase, Primers, Poly dAs

Resource - Week 9: Nucleus, Endosymbiont Theory, Chromosomes, Chromatin, Semiautonomous Organelles

Resource - Week 10: Multicellular Organisms, Bell Experiments, Structure and Function, Signal Transduction, Epinephrine

Resource - Week 11: Energy, Energy carriers, ATP, Metabolism, ß-oxidation

Resource - Week 12: Photosynthesis, Chloroplasts, Chlorophyll, Carbon Fixation, Paraquat

Resource - Week 13: Emergent Properties, Hemoglobin, Myoglobin, Lysogenic/Lytic, Lambda Phage

Resource - Week 14: Single-cell Communication, Quorum Sensing, Luciferase, Microbiome

Biology I (BIO 1305/1405)

Resource - Week 3: Electronegativity, Electron Shells, Polarity, Hydrogen Bonding

Resource - Week 4: Monomers, Polymers, Macromolecules, Organelles

Resource - Week 5: Simple diffusion, Facilitated diffusion, Active transport, Endergonic, Exergonic

Resource - Week 6: Glycolysis, Oxidation, Reduction, Electron transport chain, Metabolism

Resource - Week 7: Light reactions, Calvin cycle, Linear electron flow

Resource - Week 8: Light dependent reactions, Carbon fixation, Electron excitement, Redox reactions

Resource - Week 9: Cell cycle, Binary fission, Mitosis, Meiosis

Resource - Week 10: Mendelian genetics, Independent assortment, Probability laws

Resource - Week 11: Pedigrees, Sex-Linked genes, Linked genes, Chromosome alterations

Resource - Week 12: Leading strand, Lagging strand, Replication bubble, DNA polymerase, Complementary

Resource - Week 13: Transcription, Translation, RNA Processing, Mutations

Resource - Week 14: Protein folding, Post-translational modifications, Signal recognition, Translation, EPA sites

Resource - Week 15: End of semester review

Biology II (BIO 1306/1406) (Campbell Textbook)

Resource - Week 3: Evolution, Natural Selection, Speciation, Phylogeny, Body Plans and Germ Layers

Resource - Week 4: Kidney, Nephron, Heart, Circulatory System, Tissues, Osmoregulation

Resource - Week 5: Nervous system, Neurons, Ecology, Populations, Potentials

Resource - Week 6: Prokaryote, Interspecific interactions, Seed, Meristem, Gymnosperm, Angiosperm, Sporophyte, Ecology

Resource - Week 7: Protists, Endosymbiosis, Nitrogen cycle, Resource acquisition, Sustainability, Conservation biology

Resource - Week 8: Angiosperm life cycle, Seeds, Fruit, Evolution, Natural selection

Resource - Week 9: Reproductive isolation, Protocell, Phylogenies, Moss life cycle, Seed, Gymnosperm, Angiosperm, Double fertilization

Resource - Week 10: Embryonic development, Deuterostome, Invertebrates, Roots, Vascular tissue

Resource - Week 11: Vertebrates, Xylem, Phloem, Animal tissues, Apical meristem

Resource - Week 12: Nervous system, Neurons, Ecology, Populations, Potentials, Animal nutrition, Digestion, Feeding

Resource - Week 13: Immune System, Immunity, Gas Exchange, Body Plans, Heart, Community Ecology, Interspecific Interactions

Resource - Week 14: Reproduction, Osmoregulation, Excretion, Nephron, Succession, Ecosystems

Resource - Week 15: End of semester review

Physics I (PHY 1408/1420)

Resource - Week 3: Projectile Motion, Forces, Newton’s Laws

Resource - Week 4: Uniform Circular Motion, Centripetal Force, Universal Law of Gravitation, Satellites

Resource - Week 5: Kinetic Energy, Potential Energy, Work, Conservation of Energy

Resource - Week 6: Momentum, Impulse, Conservation of Momentum, Collisions

Resource - Week 7: Rotational Motion, Angular Kinematics, Torque, Angular Momentum

Resource - Week 8: Static Equilibrium, Stress, Strain

Resource - Week 9: Fluids, Pascal’s Principle, Buoyancy, Bernoulli’s Equation

Resource - Week 10: Simple Harmonic Motion, Wave Motion, Pendulums, Energy in Simple Harmonic Motion

Resource - Week 11: Sound, Standing Waves in Strings and Tubes, Doppler Effect

Resource - Week 12: Temperature, Thermal expansion, Ideal gas law, Kinetic theory

Resource - Week 13: Heat, Thermal Expansion, Specific Heat, Latent Heat

Resource - Week 14: This resource corresponds to a general review of the most important physics I concepts from the semester. For more detailed information about a specific concept, please refer to the appropriate resource.

Anatomy & Physiology II (BIO 2402)

Resource - Week 3: Lipid-soluble, Water-soluble, Second-messenger System, Digestive Phase, Interdigestive Phase

Resource - Week 4: Intrinsic & Extrinsic Pathway, Cell Differentiation, Plasma Proteins, Relative Abundance

Resource - Week 5: Action potential, Graded potential, Resting membrane potential, Concentration gradient, Electrical gradient

Resource - Week 6: Cardiac conduction fibers, Cardiac contractile cells, Pacemaker cells, Cardiac cycle, Cardiac conduction system

Resource - Week 7: Chronotropic, Inotropic, Stroke volume, EDV, Preload, Contractility, Afterload

Resource - Week 8: Vasoconstrictor, Vasodilator, Elastic artery, Fenestrated capillary, Vasomotor center

Resource - Week 9: Antibody, Complement, Lymph node, T cell activation, B cell activation

Resource - Week 10: Upper respiratory tract, Lower respiratory tract, Dalton’s law, Charles law, Bohr effect, Haldane effect

Resource - Week 11: Stomach phases, Bile pathway, Pancreatic Enzymes, Brush border enzymes, Hormones

Resource - Week 12: Nephron, Medulla, Glomerulus, Blood pressure, Blood pH

Resource - Week 13: Androgen-binding protein, testosterone, spermatogonium, primary spermatocyte, secondary spermatocyte

Resource - Week 14: Female reproductive tract, Labia majora, Labia minora, Clitoris, Greater Vestibular/Bartholin’s glands

Resource - Week 15: End of semester review