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Computer Science Language Mathematics Science


Resources from Spring 2022 -click here.

Computer Science

Introduction to Computer Science I (CSI 1430)

Resource - Week 3: Basic Input & Output, Variables, Arithmetic Operators

Resource - Week 4: Conditional Branching, Logical Operators, Operator Precedence

Resource - Week 5: Variable Scope, Pre & Post Incrementing and Decrementing

Resource - Week 6: Looping, Files Streams

Resource - Week 7: Arrays, Output Formatting

Resource - Week 8: Vectors, String and CString Functions

Resource - Week 9: Functions

Resource - Week 10: Classes

Resource - Week 11: Classes, Class Functionality

Resource - Week 12: Structs

Resource - Week 13: Sorting, Selection Sort, Insertion Sort

Resource - Week 14: Functions, Pass By Value, Pass by Reference

Resource - Week 15: Final Review


Pre Calculus (MTH 1308/1320)

Resource - Week 3: Composition of Functions, Linear Functions and Transformation of Functions

Resource - Week 4: Quadratic Functions, Power and Polynomial Functions, Graph of Polynomials Functions

Resource - Week 5: Polynomial Functions, Dividing Polynomials by Long Division, Dividing Polynomials by Synthetic Division

Resource - Week 6: Quadratic Functions, Power Functions, and Polynomial Functions Continued

Resource - Week 7: Graphs of Polynomial Functions, Factoring, Intermediate Value Theorem, Dividing Polynomials

Resource - Week 8: Exponential Functions and their Graphs

Resource - Week 9: Logarithmic Functions and their Graphs

Resource - Week 10: Logarithmic Properties, Exponential and Logarithmic Equations

Resource - Week 11: Angles, Unit Circle, Sine, and Cosine Functions

Resource - Week 12: Graphs of Trigonometric Functions

Resource - Week 13: Inverse Trig Functions, Sum & Difference Identities, Double-Angle, Half-Angle, Reduction Formulas, Summary of Functions

Resource - Week 14: Trigonometric Functions, Right Triangle Trigonometry

Resource - Week 15: Final Review

Calculus 1 (MTH 1309/1321)

Resource - Week 3: Limits, Continuity, IVT, Derivatives

Resource - Week 4: Chain Rule, High Order Derivatives, Trig Derivatives

Resource - Week 5: Chain Rule, High Order Derivatives, Trig Derivatives

Resource - Week 6: Implicit Differentiation, Inverse Trig Functions, log and ln Derivatives

Resource - Week 7: Related Rates, Linear Approximation, Critical Points

Resource - Week 8: Optimization, Mean Value Theorem, First and Second Derivative

Resource - Week 9: Riemann Sums, Definite Integrals, Indefinite Integrals

Resource - Week 10:  Rolle's Theorem, Sketching Graphs

Resource - Week 11:Precipitation Reaction, Neutralization Reaction, Titration, Oxidation & Reduction

Resource - Week 12: U-substitution, Rules of U-substitution, Finding C

Resource - Week 13: Displacement, Net and Total Change, Integrating Inverse Trigonometry

Resource - Week 14: Review of Major Concepts

Resource - Week 15: Final Review

Calculus 2 (MTH 1322)

Resource - Week 3: (In)Definite Integral, Integrand, U-Substitution, Integration by Parts, Trig Identities

Resource - Week 4:  Partial Fraction Decomposition

Resource - Week 5:   L’Hopital’s Rule, Improper Integral, Limit, Convergence, Divergence

Resource - Week 6: Average Value, Mass, Density, Volume, Cross Section

Resource - Week 7: Solid of Revolution, Cross Section, Disk Method, Shell Method

Resource - Week 8: Force, Mass, Acceleration, Work, Energy, Arc Length, Surface Area

Resource - Week 9: Differential Equation, Particular Solution, General Solution, Initial Condition, Separation of Variables, Exponential Growth/Decay

Resource - Week 10: Sequence, Convergence, Divergence, Squeeze Theorem, Bounded, Monotonic, Partial Sum, Linearity, Geometric Series, p-Series, Comparison Test, Algebraic Limit Laws

Resource - Week 11:  Absolute Convergence, Conditional Convergence, Divergence, Alternating Series, Ratio Test, Root Test

Resource - Week 12: Power Series, Center, Interval of Convergence, Radius of Convergence, Geometric Series, Term-by-Term, Power Series Expansion

Resource - Week 13: Approximation, Agreement to Order n, Taylor Polynomial, Centeredness, Maclaurin Polynomial, Error Bound

Resource - Week 14: Taylor Series Expansion, Maclaurin Series, Binomial Series, Euler’s Formula

Resource - Week 15: Final Review



Biology I (BIO 1305/1405) (Campbell Textbook)

Resource - Week 3: Foundations, Water, Chemical Basics, Biological Molecules

Resource - Week 4: Organelles, Membrane Structure, Membrane Transport, Endosymbiotic Theory

Resource - Week 5: Thermodynamics, Free Energy Change, Enzymes, Intro to Cellular Respiration

Resource - Week 6: Glycolysis, Citric Acid Cycle, Oxidative Phosphorylation, Fermentation

Resource - Week 7: Light Reactions, Calvin Cycle, Alternate Carbon Fixation

Resource - Week 8: Cell Signaling, The Cell Cycle, Meiosis

Resource - Week 9: Cell Cycle, Binary Fission, Mitosis, Meiosis

Resource - Week 10: Chromosomal Inheritance, Linked Genes, Abnormal Chromosomes

Resource - Week 11: DNA Structure, Nucleotides, Base Pairing, Semiconservative Replication

Resource - Week 12: Proteins in Replication, 5’ —> 3’ Synthesis, Repair, DNA Packaging

Resource - Week 13: Transcription, Translation, RNA Processing, Post-translational Modification

Resource - Week 14: Operons, Gene Regulation, Differential Gene Expression, Cancer

Resource - Week 15: Final Review

Biology I (BIO 1305/1405) (ICB Textbook)

Resource - Week 3: Cell, Heritable Information, Experimental Design, DNA

Resource - Week 4: Transcription, Translation, Central Dogma, Gene Induction

Resource - Week 5: Translation, tRNA, codons, mRNA processing

Resource - Week 6: Allele, Homozygous, Heterozygous, Dominant, Recessive, Genotype, Phenotype

Resource - Week 7: Abiotic Origins, Prehistoric, Amino Acids, Vesicles, Amphiphilic

Resource - Week 8: Mutations, Errors, DNA Polymerase, Evolution

Resource - Week 9: Chromatin, Histones, Nucleosomes, DNA Organization

Resource - Week 10: Protein Structure, Primary, Secondary, Tertiary, Quaternary, Side Chains

Resource - Week 11: Epinephrine, G-protein, Adenylyl cyclase, c-AMP

Resource - Week 12: Metabolism, Beta Oxidation, Cellular Respiration, Deamination, Glycolysis

Resource - Week 13: Photosynthesis, Paraquat, Oxygen Production, Carbon Fixation, Light

Resource - Week 14: Hemoglobin, Myoglobin, Oxygen, Affinity,pH, Cooperativity

Resource - Week 15: Final Review

Biology II (BIO 1306/1406) (Campbell Textbook)

Resource - Week 3: Evolution, Natural Selection, Ecology, Biomes, Climate

Resource - Week 4: Speciation, Reproductive isolation, Macroevolution, Miller and Urey, Population ecology, Vascular plants, Angiosperms, Plant nutrition, Plant responses to stimuli

Resource - Week 5: Speciation, Animal form and function, Community ecology, Symbiosis, Phylogenetics

Resource - Week 6: Animal diversity, Embryonic development, Protostomes and Deuterostomes, Animal tissues, Animal form and function

Resource - Week 7: Seed plants, Plant life cycles, Plant colonization, Animal nutrition, Heart, Circulatory and gas exchange

Resource - Week 8: Plant hormones, Plant responses to stimuli, Vascular plant growth and development, Meristems, Osmoregulation, Excretion, Kidney

Resource - Week 9: Animal Diversity, Embryonic Development, Invertebrates, Plant Nutrition and Population Ecology

Resource - Week 10: Restoration ecology, Ecosystems, Colonization of land, Alternation of generations, Vascular plant life cycle

Resource - Week 11: Plant hormones, Plant responses to signals, Plant defenses, Animal form and function, Community ecology, Animal tissues, Restoration ecology

Resource - Week 12: Evolution, Natural selection, Conservation biology

Resource - Week 13: Miller-Urey Experiment, Early life on earth, Origin of species, Osmoregulation and excretion, Kidney

Resource - Week 14: Speciation, Animal form and function, Community ecology, Symbiosis, Phylogenetics

Resource - Week 15: Final Review

Biology II (BIO 1306/1406) (ICB Textbook)

Resource - Week 3: Population Genetics, Mutations, Hardy-Weinberg

Resource - Week 4:  Information, Communication, Prey, Predators, Shannon Diversity Index, Ecological Systems

Resource - Week 5: Natural Selection, Selective agent, Non-adaptive evolution, Evolution

Resource - Week 6:  Common ancestor, Darwinian hypothesis, Phylogenetic tree, Humanevolution

Resource - Week 7: Coevolution, Selective agent, Pairwise coevolution, Diffuse coevolution,Mutualism, Pupate

Resource - Week 8: Coming Soon!

Resource - Week 9:  Ingestion, Digestion, Assimilation, Alimentary Canal, Lumen, Peristalsis

Resource - Week 10: Pathogen, ssRNA, Antibodies

Resource - Week 11:  Hormones, Exoskeleton, Epidermis, Hemolymph, Metamorphosis,Ganglia, Neurosecretory Cells

Resource - Week 12:  Nitrogen fixation, Assimilation, Decomposition, Nitrification, Denitrification

Resource - Week 13:  Herbivore, Dominance Hierarchy, Subordinate

Resource - Week 14:  Pollutant, Parts Per Million (ppm), Biomagnification

Resource - Week 15: Coming Soon!


Genetics (BIO 2306)

Resource - Week 3: Cell Cycle, Mitosis, Meiosis, Chromosome, Inheritance

Resource - Week 4: Pedigree, Testcross, Linked Genes, Recombination, Gene Ma

Resource - Week 5: Testcross, Linked Genes, Heritability, Chromosome

Resource - Week 6: Nucleic Acid, Bacteria, Chromosome, Nucleosome

Resource - Week 7: Replication, semi-conservative, replication fork

Resource - Week 8: Transcription, Ribonucleic Acid (RNA), Promoter, Polymerase

Resource - Week 9: Ribosome, Amino Acids, Splicing, Codon, Polypeptides

Resource - Week 10: Regulation, Operon, Repressor, Inducer, Histones

Resource - Week 11: Mutation, Mutagen, DNA Repair, Electrophoresis

Resource - Week 12: PCR, Blotting, Cloning, Sequencing

Resource - Week 13: Genome, Polymorphisms, Gene Flow, Hardy-Weinberg

Resource - Week 14: Epigenetic, cancer, speciation, evolution

Resource - Week 15: Final Review- Bio

Resource - Week 15: Final Review- Math

General Chemistry I (CHE 1301)

Resource - Week 3: Element, Isotope, Atomic Mass, Key Experiments, Significant Figures, Dimensional Analysis

Resource - Week 4:  Electromagnetic Radiation, Electron Configuration, Periodic Trends, Electronegativity

Resource - Week 5: Lewis Structure, Ionic Compounds, Covalent Compounds, Molecular Geometry

Resource - Week 6: Electronegativity, Formal Charges, Resonance, Orbital Diagrams, Orbital Energy Levels

Resource - Week 7: VSEPR, Valence Bond Theory, Hybridization

Resource - Week 8: Molecular Mass, Mole, Percent Composition, Empirical Formula, Molecular Formula

Resource - Week 9: Polarity, Sigma & Pi Bonds, Molecular Orbital Theory, Percent Yield

Resource - Week 10: Limiting Reactants, Electrolytes/Nonelectrolytes, Molarity/Preparing Solutions

Resource - Week 11: Precipitation Reaction, Neutralization Reaction, Titration, Oxidation & Reduction

Resource - Week 12: Displacement Reactions, Redox Reactions, Combustion, Titration Problem-Solving

Resource - Week 13:  Properties of Gases, Boyle’s Law, Charles’ Law, Avogadro’s Law, Ideal Gas Law

Resource - Week 14: Phase Changes, Intramolecular Forces, Intermolecular Forces, Boiling Point

Resource - Week 15:  Study Tips, Energy Flow, Partial Pressures, Phase Diagrams

Resource - Week 16: Final Review

General Chemistry II (CHE 1302)

Resource - Week 3:   Concentration Calculations, Colligative Properties, Reaction Rates

Resource - Week 4:  Rate Laws, Method of Initial Rates, Integrated Rate Law, Catalysis

Resource - Week 5:  The Equilibrium Condition & Constant, Le Chatelier’s Principle

Resource - Week 6:  ICE Tables, Equilibrium Calculations, X is Small

Resource - Week 7:  Worked Equilibrium Examples, Problem-Solving Strategies

Resource - Week 8:  Arrhenius, Bronsted-Lowry, Conjugate Acid/Base, pKa, Acid Strength

Resource - Week 9:  Ions as Acids and Bases, pH, Common Ion Effect

Resource - Week 10:  Acid/Base Equilibria, Buffered Solutions, Titrations!

Resource - Week 11:  Solubility Equilibria, Solubility Product, pH Effects on Solubility, Precipitation!

Resource - Week 12:  Solubility Product Constant Applied, Complex Ions

Resource - Week 13:  Spontaneous Processes, Enthalpy (H) Entropy (S), Free Energy (G)

Resource - Week 14:  Oxidation, Reduction, Balancing Redox Reactions, Galvanic Cells

Resource - Week 15:  Balancing Redox Reactions, Nonstandard Cells, Standard Reduction Potentials

Resource - Week 16:  Final Review

Organic Chemistry I (CHE 3331)

Resource - Week 3: Bond Line Structures, Formal Charge, Resonance

Resource - Week 4: Bronstead Acid, Bronsted Base, Conjugate Base, Conjugate Acid, Proton Transfer

Resource - Week 5: Alkanes, Newman Projections, Staggered, Eclipsed, Degenerate

Resource - Week 6: Priority, Fischer Projections, Enthalpy, Endothermic, Exothermic, Gibbs Free Energy

Resource - Week 7: Nucleophile, Electrophile, Mechanism Steps, Carbocation Stability, Substitution Overview

Resource - Week 8: Substitution Reactions, Nucleophile, Electrophile

Resource - Week 9: Alkenes, Elimination Reactions, E1, E2, E and Z Designations, Alkene Nomenclature

Resource - Week 10: Addition Reactions Across Alkenes, Hydrohalogenation, Markovnikov Addition, Anti-Markovnikov Addition, Oxymercuration-Demercuration

Resource - Week 11: Elimination Reactions, Acetylene and Terminal Alkynes, Addition, Reduction

Resource - Week 12: Radical Mechanisms, Homolytic Cleavage, Resonance, Initiation, Propagation, Termination, Fishhook Arrows

Resource - Week 13: Alcohols, Nomenclature of Alcohols, Grignard’s Reagent, Protection of Alcohols

Resource - Week 14: Oxidation/Reduction of Alcohols, Chromic Acid, PCC, LAH, Ketone, Aldehyde

Resource - Week 15: Final Review


Organic Chemistry II (CHE 3332)

Resource - Week 3: Alcohols, Ethers, Epoxides, Reduction, Oxidation

Resource - Week 4:  Spectroscopy & Spectrometry (Ch. 14)

Resource - Week 5: Coupling, Integrating, Chemical Shift

Resource - Week 6:  Conjugated Pi Systems and Pericyclic Reactions

Resource - Week 7:  Aromatic Compounds

Resource - Week 8:  Activating & Deactivating, Blocking Group, Nucleophilic Aromatic Substitution

Resource - Week 9:  Carbonyl, Nucleophilic Attack, Ylide, Wittig

Resource - Week 10: Carboxylic Acids & Derivatives

Resource - Week 11: Enol, Enolates, Aldol, Condensation, Alpha Carbon

Resource - Week 12: Amination, Azide, Diazonium

Resource - Week 13: Radical Species, Homolysis, Coupling, Allylic, Vinylic

Resource - Week 14: NBS, Peroxide, Anti-Mark, Polymers

Resource - Week 15: Final Review


Physics I (PHY 1408/1420)

Resource - Week 3: Projectile Motion, Forces, Newton’s Laws

Resource - Week 4: Centripetal Force, Uniform Circular Motion, Gravitational Force

Resource - Week 5: Work, Kinetic Energy, Potential Energy and Conservation of Energy

Resource - Week 6: Momentum, Conservation of Momentum, Impulse

Resource - Week 7: Rotation, Torque, Moment of Inertia

Resource - Week 8: Static Equilibrium, Stress, Strain

Resource - Week 9: Fluids, Pascal’s Principle, Buoyancy, Bernoulli’s Equation

Resource - Week 10: Simple Harmonic Motion, Wave Motion, Pendulums, Energy in Simple Harmonic Motion

Resource - Week 11: Sound, Standing Waves in Strings and Tubes, Doppler Effect

Resource - Week 12: Temperature, Thermal Expansion, Ideal Gas Law

Resource - Week 13: Laws of Thermodynamics, Thermodynamic Processes, Heat Engine, Heat Pump

Resource - Week 14: Laws of Thermodynamics,Thermodynamic Processes, Heat Engine, Heat Pump

Resource - Week 15: Final Review

Physics II (PHY 1409/1430)

Resource - Week 3: Electrical Potential, Potential Difference, Capacitance

Resource - Week 4: Electric Current, Ohm’s Law, Kirchoff’s Rules 

Resource - Week 5: Magnetism, Right Hand Rule, Solenoids

Resource - Week 6: Electromagnetic Induction, Lenz’s law, Induced EMF

Resource - Week 7: Transformers, Inductance, AC Circuits

Resource - Week 8: EM Waves, EM Spectrum, Energy and Momentum in EM waves

Resource - Week 9: Law of Reflection, Concave Mirror, Convex Mirror, Mirror Equation

Resource - Week 10: Refraction, Snell’s Law, Thin Lens Equation, Lens maker’s Equation

Resource - Week 11: Diffraction, Interference, Diffraction Gratings, Polarization

Resource - Week 12: Special Relativity, Mass and Energy, Photoelectric Effect, Bohr Model

Resource - Week 13: Wave Function, Heisenberg Uncertainty Principle, Quantum Numbers, Pauli Exclusion Principle

Resource - Week 14: Bonding in Molecules, Decays, Half Life, Nuclear Energy

Resource - Week 15: Final Review