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Fall 2021

Computer Science

For weekly resources of computer science courses covered in previous semesters, click here.

Introduction to Computer Science I (CSI 1430)

Resource - Week 3: Basic Input & Output, Variables, Arithmetic Operators

Resource - Week 4: Conditional branching, Logical operators, Operator precedence

Resource - Week 5: Variable scope, Pre & Post incrementing and decrementing

Resource - Week 6: Looping, Files streams



For weekly resources of math courses covered in previous semesters, click here.

Calculus III (MTH 2321)

Resource - Week 3: Vectors, Dot product, Cross product, Cylindrical coordinates, Spherical coordinates

Resource - Week 4: Arc length, Speed, Vector-Valued functions

Resource - Week 5: Partial derivatives, Tangent planes, Differentiability

Resource - Week 6: Gradient, Directional derivatives, Optimization



For weekly resources of science courses covered in previous semesters, click here.

Biology I (BIO 1305/1405) (Campbell Textbook)

Resource - Week 3: Foundations, Water, Chemical basics, Biological molecules

Resource - Week 4: Organelles, Membrane structure, Membrane transport, Endosymbiotic theory

Resource - Week 5: Thermodynamics, Free energy change, Enzymes, Cellular Respiration

Resource - Week 6: Glycolysis, Citric acid cycle, Oxidative phosphorylation, Fermentation


Biology I (BIO 1305/1405) (ICB Textbook)

Resource - Week 3: Cell, Heritable information, Experimental design, DNA

Resource - Week 4: Transcription, Translation, Central dogma, Gene induction

Resource - Week 5: Translation, tRNA, Codons, mRNA processing, Peptide bonds

Resource - Week 6: Allele, Homozygous, Heterozygous, Dominant, Recessive, Genotype, Phenotype


Biology II (BIO 1306/1406) (Campbell Textbook)

Resource - Week 3: Evolution, Natural Selection, Ecology, Biomes, Climate

Resource - Week 4: Speciation, Reproductive isolation, Macroevolution, Miller and Urey, Population ecology, Vascular plants, Angiosperms, Plant nutrition, Plant responses to stimuli

Resource - Week 5: Speciation, Animal form and function, Community ecology, Symbiosis, Phylogenetics

Resource - Week 6: Animal diversity, Embryonic development, Protostomes and Deuterostomes, Animal tissues, Animal form and function ​​​​​​​


General Chemistry I (CHE 1301)

Resource - Week 3: Wavelength, Frequency, Electromagnetic radiation, Quantum numbers

Resource - Week 4: Periodicity, Aufbau principle, Electronic configuration, Valence electrons, Core electrons

Resource - Week 5: Potential energy, Bonding, Electronegativity, Bond length, Dipole moment

Resource - Week 6: Lewis, Formal charge, VSEPR​​​​​​​


Genetics (BIO 2306)

Resource - Week 3: Cell cycle, Mitosis, Meiosis, Chromosome, Inheritance

Resource - Week 4: Pedigree, Testcross, Linked genes, Recombination, Gene map

Resource - Week 5: Testcross, Linked genes, Heritability, Chromosome

Resource - Week 6: Nucleic acid, Bacteria, Chromosome, Nucleosome


Organic Chemistry I (CHE 3331)

Resource - Week 3: Gen Chem, Molecular Representations, Bond Line Structures, Formal Charge, Resonance

Resource - Week 4: Brønstead acid, Brønstead base, Conjugate base, Conjugate acid, Proton transfer

Resource - Week 5: Alkanes, Conformational analysis, Newman projections

Resource - Week 6: Cahn-Ingold-Prelog System, Priority, Fischer projections, Enthalpy, Endothermic, Exothermic, Gibbs free energy


Organic Chemistry II (CHE 3332)

Resource - Week 3: Alcohols, Phenols, ARIO, Ethers, Sulfides, Epoxides, Ring opening

Resource - Week 4: Epoxides, Ethers, Nomenclature, Infrared, Mass spectrometry

Resource - Week 5: Synthesis, Alcohols, Reduction, Oxidation, Epoxides, Pericyclic reactions

Resource - Week 6: Conjugated vs. Isolated, Pericyclic, Molecular orbital diagrams, NMR​​​​​​​


Physics I (PHY 1408/1420)

Resource - Week 3: Projectile Motion, Forces, Newton’s Laws

Resource - Week 4: Centripetal force, Uniform circular motion, Gravitational force

Resource - Week 5: Work, Energy, Conservation of energy

Resource - Week 6: Momentum, Conservation of momentum, Impulse


Physics II (PHY 1409/1430)

Resource - Week 3: Electrical Potential, Potential Difference, Capacitors, Capacitance

Resource - Week 4: Electric current, Ohm’s Law, Kirchoff’s rules

Resource - Week 5: Magnetism, Right hand rule, Solenoids

Resource - Week 6: Electromagnetic induction, Lenz’s law, Induced EMF