Online Tutoring How-To

How to Schedule a ONLINE Private Tutoring Appointment

Normally, Baylor Tutoring is In-person in the Sid Richardson Building.  HOWEVER, in the event of inclement weather and classes got to an online status, Tutoring will be closed to in-person tutoring.  Anyone who wants to have a tutoring appointment on a Monday-Thursday when classes are online must do 2 things:

1) Email us at and request to have an online appointment on an inclement weather day and tell us the course with which you need help.  Tell us generally the windows of time you could be at a computer to meet with a Tutor on Microsoft Teams. We will reach out to you via email as soon as we have a session arranged for you.

2) Download Microsoft Teams Free App and log in with your Baylor ID.  Familiarize yourself with the processes below in order to have an online session.

When the campus has to move to online tutoring, here are instructions for what you will need to be prepared for your tutoring appointment online:

To participate in online tutoring, you will need to download Microsoft Teams. Please do this well in advance of your first appointment so you will have it available for all future online tutoring appointments with any tutor this semester.

PRIOR TO THE START OF YOUR SESSION, be sure you have accomplished the following:

  1. Download Microsoft Teams and become familiar with how to use the app. 
  2. To get Microsoft Teams, log in to your Office 365 with your Baylor credentials here.
  3. Once in Office 365, download Microsoft Teams from the suite of applications listed. For instructions on how to use Microsoft Teams, refer to any of these video tutorials.
  4. Once you have downloaded Microsoft Teams, gather your course materials, (notes, online textbook, canvas course instructions, etc.) and have them accessible during your session.  If you have never used Microsoft Teams before, have a friend download the app as well and practice using the app.  The PDF linked below has some helpful hints about how to use the tools within a video call.

On the date and time of your tutoring appointment:

  1. Be in front of your computer with Microsoft Teams open and ready to receive your “video call.”
  2. Your tutor will place a “video call” to you at the start of your session using your email address in Microsoft Teams.  You do not need to call them, they will call you as close to your start time as possible. Please be patient if the previous appointment ended a few minutes late.  Tutors will do their best to end a call on time so they can address the next waiting appointment.
  3. Select the video camera icon to accept the video call.
  4. You will be connected to your tutor!  Have a great session!

Click here for a PDF that contains some illustrated steps of tools you can use during the session. 

More Information

To see more resources and information about online tutoring, view this page.