Organic Chemistry Videos

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Organic Chemistry 1 - CHE-3331

As a supplement to your lectures and in-class instruction, you may find these videos helpful.  As O CHEM is a newly launched series, the current versions of these videos have yet to be reviewed by Baylor O CHEM professors.  We hope to have final versions available in the Fall of 2022.  As always, your professors are your primary resource and you should consult them if anything is unclear. 

Chapter 2

Bond Line Structures                                                                                 

Formal Charges and Lone Pairs                                                                  

Resonance and How to Read Curved Arrows                                            

Identifying Resonance via Pattern Recognition   


Chapter 3

Determining Acidity Using Quantitative Perspective: pKa values        

Determining Acidity Using Qualitative Perspective: ARIO                       

Equilibrium of Acid-Base Reactions                                                            

Bronsted Lowry Acids and Bases and Electron Flow


Chapter 4

Newman Projections      

Nomenclature of Bicyclic Compounds                                            

How to Draw a Cyclohexane Chair                                                     


Chapter 5

Isomers Overview                                                                



Chapter 6

Mechanism Steps and Arrow Pushing                                                           


Chapter 7

Substitution Reaction Overview                                                                     

SN1 Reaction    

SN2 Reaction    

SN1 vs SN2 Reactions                                                                                 


Chapter 8

Alkene Introduction and Nomenclature  

Stereoisomerism in Alkenes and Bredt’s Rule  

Alkene Stability 

Overview of Elimination Reactions

Introduction to the E2 Mechanism                                                            

E2: Regioselectivity              

E2: Stereoselectivity and Stereospecificity   

Drawing the Complete E2 Mechanism                                                       

Introduction to the E1 Mechanism     

E1: Regioselectivity and Stereoselectivity    

Drawing the Complete E1 Mechanism                                                         

Nucleophilicity v Basicity                                                                             

Substitution vs. Elimination                                                                           


Chapter 10

Hydration Reactions in Alkynes             

Halogenation of Alkynes

Alkylation of Terminal Alkynes

Ozonolysis of Alkynes                         


Chapter 11

Introduction to Radicals and Stability of Radicals                                   

Common Patterns of Radical Mechanisms

Radical Halogenation                                                                                   


Radical Addition of HBr


Chapter 13

Introduction to Alcohols and Nomenclature 

Acidity of Alcohols    

Preparation of Alcohols via Substitution and Addition  

Preparation of Alcohols via Reduction

Preparation of Alcohols via Grignard's Reagent   

Reactions of Alcohol: Substitution                                                             

Reactions of Alcohols: Elimination                                   

Oxidation States                                                                                           

Reactions of Alcohols: Oxidation