Required Classes for Students on Probation

STL 1200

Strategic Learning for College Academics

This course builds on the experience and academic abilities a student already has and targets the practical tools, information, strategies, academic skill development, critical thinking skills, and self-knowledge necessary for succeeding academically and earning a Baylor degree. The graded course consists of twice-weekly classroom sessions. The two-hour earned credit does factor into the GPA.

This course is not offered during the summer term. Students who are required to utilize resources during the summer term will be assigned an academic mentor by the Center for Academic Support and Engagement office, and will be required to meet with their mentor on a weekly basis during the term or terms they are registered in summer classes. These requirements do not apply to students who are registered for courses that do not take place on the Baylor campus.


STL 1101

Academic Mentor Program

This one-hour pass/fail course consists of weekly one-on-one meetings with a graduate student academic mentor, scheduled at the mutual convenience of student and mentor. The university mandatory attendance policy is enforced for this class. The one hour earned credit does not factor into the GPA.