Liya Scott

Liya Scott
Career Success Professional
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Career Success Professional

Office Phone: (254) 710-8663

All Associated Responsibilities: At the Career Center, Liya Scott provides personalized and proactive career coaching to help students plan their next steps post-graduation. Whether that involves applying to grad school or finding full-time employment, Career Success Professionals are here to help with all the steps from resume crafting to salary negotiation. Liya Scott serves the Liberal Arts population. She enjoys being a TA for Professional Development course PRD 2101, which teaches practical information regarding how students can position themselves for success in the professional world. The hope is that every student in every major is equipped with the skills taught in this course prior to graduation (it makes graduation seem way less scary).  

Do you work with a specific student population (scholars, major, undecided, career interest, etc.)? If so, which?

  • Classics
  • English
  • Linguistics
  • Art History
  • Music
  • Professional Writing & Rhetoric
  • Communication
  • Journalism, PR & New Media 

What is your education background? Liya Scott is a Baylor Alumna with her Master of Science in Education (M.S. Ed). 

What other roles did you take on before the current?  After graduation, Liya Scott joined the workforce in Northern Virginia for Behavioral Health before returning to Texas. Most recently, she worked in Residence Life at the beloved St. Edward’s University in Austin, TX. 

Where were you born/raised? Colorado Springs, Colorado; but Texas resident for 9+ years. 

What do you enjoy doing in your free time? Listening to vinyl records, laughing with friends, engaging the Waco community, outdoor adventures. 

What questions can students ask you about, i.e., your area of expertise?  

  • Resume crafting
  • Navigating the transition from college to career  
  • Salary/negotiation tips  
  • Maximizing use of LinkedIn  
  • General job/internship search  

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