Reina Wiseman

Reina Wiseman
Sr. Career Success Professional
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Senior Career Success Professional

Office Phone:  (254) 710-3950

Areas of Expertise:

  • Resume and Cover Letters
  • ATS systems
  • Networking and Personal Branding
  • Job, Internship, and Graduate school planning
  • Interviewing

Reina aids students in Computer Science and Engineering, along with STEM (Mathematics, Statistics, Aviation Sciences, and Physics)  in exploring potential career paths and graduate programs. She works with them one-on-one to prepare for applications and interviews to ensure they feel confident in any opportunity presented to them.

Reina graduated from Baylor University with a degree in Human Resources and a minor in Corporate Communication. She then worked as a Human Resources Assistant position at Methodist McKinney Hospital. After a year and a half, Reina was promoted to Human Resources Coordinator, where she onboarded new employees for the hospital, surgery center, and associated physical therapy clinics. Midway through COVID, Reina joined the staff of the Baylor Career Center as a Career Success Professional in June of 2021 working with the College of Arts and Sciences, more specifically Liberal Art’s. In June of 2022, she transitioned into her new role as Senior Career Success Professional in ECS. 

She enjoys time with her husband, teaching spin, reading, baking, watching sports, and being active in her free time.

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