Step Four - Make an Appointment

Now that you have created your Handshake profile, taken your career assessment, and created a résumé, it is time for the fourth step in your checklist for career success: Make an appointment with a Career Success Professional (or “career coach”).

During your first appointment, we will go over your Handshake profile, the results from your SuperStrong assessment, and your first draft of your résumé. Going forward, you should set an appointment at least two times per semester with your CSP while you are a student at Baylor. 

What can you expect during future appointments? There are many aspects to career success and we are here to help you with all of them. Here are some examples of how we can help:

  • deciding which career events will benefit you most.  
  • assisting you in your job, internship, or graduate school searches and the application processes. 
  • connecting you to Baylor alumni and teaching you how to utilize your Baylor network.  
  • coaching you before you go to an interview so that you’re sure to shine. 

Follow the instructions in the How to Make an Appointment link to the right. We’re looking forward to meeting you virtually now and in-person soon!  

Click Here to Make an Appointment